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Must.Have.Wine.: A Toast To Motherhood Book Review

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Must. Have. Wine. A Toast To Motherhood by Katrina Epp and Leah SpeerMust. Have. Wine.: A Toast to Motherhood

Ever have one of those days? If you are a mom you know what I am talking about! Sometimes we need a little pick me up. Marci (my sis in law) and I have been drinking wine a lot more lately we even got each other wine gifts for Christmas. I remember seeing my mom with a glass of red wine at the end of the night when I was younger. She had three kids just like I do and it is all now starting to click as to why she would sit back on the couch, pour a glass and enjoy!

This book offers 81 reasons as to why to have a drink (as if I need a reason) and is divided into six chapters, aptly all named after wine and they are all themed. Chapter one is called Chianti, for when you need to be inspired and has 14 reasons as to why a drink might be needed. The chapters (the reasons) are usually 1-2 pages making it a great book for when you are short on time.

You will find reasons for when you need to be inspired, amused, encouraged, delighted, relieved and indulged. This is a funny book to sit and read even if it is just a few pages at a time. This book is a reminder that we have all experienced something similar and we can laugh at each other’s discomfort because we know that we all have a story to tell. Like reason #2, Becoming a mom had made me lose my mind… literally! One woman’s short tale of all the thoughts this mom had in just a short time.

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Must. Have. Wine.- A Toast to Motherhood Intro

Must. Have. Wine. It’s a modern mom’s mantra, no matter what type of day we’re having; when we’ve come to the end of our rope, had the best day ever, or simply just want to unwind. “Our book is a collection of real-life, relatable mom stories assuring moms that we’re all in this crazy race together; nobody is perfect, and other moms have been where we are… all the while, inviting them to sit with their favorite bottle of wine and share the ups and downs of this wondrous yet challenging role we’re all living”.

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