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Soothe: Sootherapy Healing Bath Salts

Soothe Skin & Body Collection: Sootherapy Healing Bath Salts

Have you ever wanted a massage but one without all the hassles? This is where Soothe comes in. Soothe is the world’s largest on-demand platform connecting you to massage therapists who can bring the healing power of massage to your…

The Review Wire: Vagisil Scentsitive Scents White Jasmine

Bath Bombs For Your V!

I usually do not talk about these types of products on the site, but I received an email that was entitled the same as above, and I had to read it! I have reviewed lots of bath bombs but…

The Review Wire: Cocofloss Luxury Dental Floss

Cocofloss Luxury Dental Floss

Made of 500+ strong, grime-catching filaments, Cocofloss scrubs like a loofah to leave your surfaces truly clean erasing that sour, stinky plaque to leave your smile fresher than ever. Reduce gum inflammation with coconut oil, a natural antimicrobial, that soothes…

The Review Wire: Busy Beauty Showerless Body Kit

Busy Beauty Showerless Gift Kit

Get ready in 5 minutes! Busy Beauty’s mission is to cut down the amount of time needed for a beauty routine while offering a portable solution that gives fresh confidence all day long. I received their gift kit which…

HALLU Unicorn Exfoliating Rainbow Sugar Cubes 2

Escape with HALLU Unicorn Bath & Body this National Unicorn Day

Happy Unicorn Day!  Run free with the five-piece purifying HALLU Unicorn bath and body collection. Highlighting playful, rainbow-inspired colors and unique packaging, the Unicorn Beach scent features radiating juicy notes of mango, peach, raspberry, and tangerine that are balanced by jasmine…

The Review Wire: RevAir Reverse Air-Dryer in Use

RevAir Dryer: A Reverse Air-Dryer Video Unboxing Part 1

This product really sucks! No, quite literally the RevAir Dryer sucks your hair dry as opposed to blowing drying it with heat. The RevAir Air-Dryer dries from the end to the root. It sucks your hair in, like a vacuum…