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SnackCrate Giveaway

Hocus Pocus Hop: SnackCrate Giveaway (3 Winners) Ends 10.31.18

Welcome to the Hocus Pocus Giveaway Hop. For this giveaway, we have a yummy package from SnackCrate for three lucky winners. If you are not familiar with SnackCrate, they offer a monthly subscription box of snacks from around the world that…

The Review Wire: SnackCrate Japan Box

Japanese Snacks from SnackCrate: Subscription Box Review

If you are a foodie, then you are going to love this monthly subscription box from SnackCrate! With the SnackCrate you get to travel the world from the comfort of your kitchen (or couch)! Each month is bursting with…

The Review Wire How To Scare Away Bedtime Monsters

How To Scare Away Bedtime Monsters + Homemade Monster Spray Recipe

Nighttime can be a scary time for little ones. Don’t dismiss their fear, instead, help them through it. Whether it’s with a homemade monster spray, a monster finding expedition, a good old fashioned, hair-raising scream party or just plain old-fashioned…

The Review Wire: CakePop Cuties Video Review

Cakepop Cuties Squishy Toys Video Review

Do your kids love squishies? Do they collect and trade them with their friends? I received a special box from Basic Fun that had several products from their new squishy line called CakePop Cuties. These sweet, squishy, collectible animals are disguised in…

The Review Wire: Surprise Squishy Package from Squishy Kiosk

Squishy Kiosk: Surprise Squishy Package Unboxing Video

At Squishy Kiosk, you will find so many squishies your head will explode! Sit back as you will be scrolling through page after page after page of all kinds of squishies for quite some time! From jumbo squishies, Kawaii squishies,…

The Review Wire Pampered Teacher Subscription Box

Pampered Teacher Subscription Box

When I came across the Pampered Teacher Subscription Box, I thought this was a wonderful idea, especially since it is curated by a teacher. I have reviewed a lot of subscription boxes, but one that is filled with products…

The Review Wire 7th Blogiversary

The Review Wire’s 7th BLOGiversary!

Today we celebrate our BLOGiversary; it’s been seven years, WOW! It wouldn’t have been possible without you, so a huge massive THANK YOU!   Do you remember when you started reading The Review Wire? Let us know how long…

The Review Wire Review: Everyday California Hickie Sweatshirt in Blue

Everyday California Clothing Review

You might remember (or at least I hope you do!) that I worked with Everyday California a few years ago for our back to school guide. I received a tee called Midnight Mermaid that at the time was a…