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The Review Wire - Educational Back-to-School Subscription Boxes

Back-to-School Educational Subscription Boxes

Everyone is stressed out right now whether they want in-person learning, homeschooling, or a mix of both. Thinking outside the box on how to get kids doing more with friends while at the same time maintaining social distances and…

The Review Wire - Huntington Learning Center

Huntington Learning Center ACT Test Prep Review

My son is going into his junior year and will be taking the ACT for college entrance exams… ah, college! The school did provide the pre-act several months ago to gauge where each student is. He didn’t do too…

The Review Wire: Kidbox Uniform Unboxing featuring French Toast

Limited Edition Uniform KIDBOX Review: Video Unboxing

KIDBOX… the subscription box that makes shopping easy! KIDBOX works with all the top sought-after brands which allow them to offer the best prices! I have teamed up to bring you this KIDBOX review on their UNIFORM box. This Limited Edition…

The Review Wire Pampered Teacher Subscription Box

Pampered Teacher Subscription Box

UPDATE 9/2019: Pampered Teacher is no longer in business. Please check out these other subscription boxes for teachers!  When I came across the Pampered Teacher Subscription Box, I thought this was a wonderful idea, especially since it is curated…

The Review Wire: TI-84 Bionic Blue Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

Who knew math and science could be so stylish?!? This super-slim graphing calculator, available in a bold array of math and science-themed colors, takes students from middle school math and science classes all the way through high school and…

The Review Wire Back to School Guide 2018

Back To School Guide 2018

This back to school guide features great new products sure to get your child off to the right start this year. Let us know what your child’s MUST-HAVE is this back to school season.  Which product would you most…

Crayola Take Note! Gel Pens 14 Count

New Crayola Take Note! Products

If you have been out to the stores for back to school shopping, you have probably seen Crayola’s new products on the shelves. These two new products called, Take Note! are a brand new suite of innovative writing tools designed…

Bixbee Sparkalicious Turquoise Backpack

Bixbee Backpacks for Kids: Sparkle with Sparkalicious

Bixbee has a simple mission… with each backpack purchased Bixbee donates a school bag filled with supplies to those in need around the world. Bixbee Sparkalicious Turquoise Backpack & Lunchbox Bundle… add a little sparkle to your child’s school…