Bungees Flick to Stick Collectible Game from Jazwares Bungees Flick to Stick Collectible Game from Jazwares

Bungees Flick to Stick Collectible Game from Jazwares

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We were recently introduced to the Flick to Stick Bungees with a Deluxe Packplaysett and I was surprised at how much fun my son and I had playing it! As beginners, it was a little difficult to figure out what we were supposed to do at first and how to play the game correctly.

While the instructions weren’t real clear on how to play the game, the videos online were easy to find and very helpful for us. Once we got the game going it was great and really easy to play. We were able to play three different games with the pieces that were included in the Deluxe Pack.

Bungees Flick to Stick

We could flick the Bungees on to the Bungee cards to score points or flick them onto the board or onto the disks. The cards are neat, they have a lot of uses for the Bungees and the game. The cards are magnetic so the bungees stick to them easily when trying to score points.

On one side of the cards they have point values for the games and on the other side, they give all the information for one of the Bungee. Each Bungee has a name and is on a team with a team leader. They all also have a personality assigned to them and the cards indicate which Bungee is compatible with and the ones that it isn’t. With there being 96 bungees in all I can see that it would be fun to collect them all and put them in their teams for the game.

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Bungees Flick to Stick Game

The Bungees themselves are neat, they look like little monsters. They all have a different look to them and come in a variety of different shapes. I noticed after playing for a little while that some bungees are easier to flick and some roll better than others. Little things like this made the game for interesting and competitive for us. The Deluxe Pack came with four Bungees and their cards and disks and a board, all are magnetic so they stick together easily.

Playing Bungees Flick to Stick

We had so much fun playing Flick to Stick! I am excited to collect more Bungees to be able to make our games more exciting and challenging. I love the magnetic collector’s board that makes it easy to see what Bungees we need to complete a team. The Flick to Stick Bungees seems as it would be a great game to play with friends who are also collecting teams of Bungees. I just love that there are lots of games to play with the Flick to Stick Bungees, this will keep my kids interested in the Bungees for a long time. I plan to continue to purchase to make game playing even more exciting for my kids!

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    Sherry Compton
    August 21, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Sounds like fun. I’m glad that you enjoyed it, too. It’s great when the adults have just as much fun as the kids.

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