Kimochis: Toys With Feelings Inside {Review} Kimochis: Toys With Feelings Inside {Review}

Kimochis: Toys With Feelings Inside {Review}

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Kimochis: Toys With Feeling Inside

What’s a Kimochis? The word Kimochi means “Feeling” in Japanese. Each of these cute stuffed animals comes with three small feelings pillows and a “How To Feel” guide for parents to share with their kids. There are 5 different Kimochis Characters to choose from. Kimochis Cloud can be unpredictable and moody. Huggtopus the octopus is all smiles and hugs but overbearing. Bug, the butterfly is extremely thoughtful and cautious. Lovey Dove is sweet and nurturing. Cat, is bossy but very persuasive.

Kimochis OctopusI received the Octopus, Huggtopus. My three year old likes the “hiding spot” pocket for the the feelings. I also received an additional set of feelings but I started with the three it came with first, so he could learn those. We have been using this more recently because we are having potty training issues. This just helps us talk about what he is feeling instead of  screaming and yelling. Each bright colored feeling has an expression on one side and the emotion on the other. Kids learn by placing the emotion into the pocket. The process calms, comforts and instills confidence. When kids can communicate their feelings, they cultivate confidence, kindness, self-awareness, self-control, resiliency and gratitude. I also liked the quality of the Kimochis, it is very plush and smooth.

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Kimochis: Toys With Feeling Inside

There are 3 Feeling Packs available that contain 6 additional feelings. Each feeling set contains one Make-Your-Own feeling with washable pen all in a clear pouch.

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    August 10, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    This sounds really cool. Less frustration for the child I would think. Very cool indeed.

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