SPY KIDS Activities: All the Time in the World SPY KIDS Activities: All the Time in the World

SPY KIDS Activities: All the Time in the World #SpyKidsFamilyTime

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Anchor Bay Entertainment and Dimension Films just released SPY KIDS: All the Time in the World on Blu-ray and DVD!

When a maniacal Timekeeper (Jeremy Piven) threatens the Earth with armageddon, super-spy Marissa Cortez Wilson (Jessica Alba) is called out of retirement, and must save the world with the help of her spy-hunting husband (Joel McHale), twin step kids (Rowan Blanchard & Mason Cook), and loyal pooch (Ricky Gervais). Bonus material includes an interview with director Robert Rodriguez, a gadgets featurette, deleted scenes and more!

Our Take: My kids liked the first Spy Kids, well with Antonio Banderas I enjoyed watching it too! The kids also saw the other 2 Spy Kids but just weren’t all that into them. Then we received this new one, All the Time in the World, I saw that Joel McHale was in it and he is such a cutie. I am watching it with the kids now as I write this. The premise of the movie is that time is running out and the world will end. The kids had a few big belly laugh. My four year old especially liked it when the dog started talking. My eight year old loved the escape pods and wished he could to go for a ride. Overall my kids liked the movie and liked seeing the return of the original spy kids from the first movie.

The bonus material is great too. My little one sat through some of it but wanted to go back to the movie. My eight-year-old like it only because the original characters from the other Spy Kids movies were kind of reminiscing about what it was like to come back to the set. There is also material on How To Make A Robotic Dog, which shows how they train the dog and behind the scenes with the voice behind Argonaut(the dog). The behind the scenes about spy gadgets was his favorite where they talk about the gadgets.

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 Create Your Own Time Capsule:

  • Choose a Milestone

The creation of a Time Capsule is much more fun when there’s something to celebrate! Select a special day for the ‘burial’ of your Time Capsule. Maybe it’s a milestone birthday, holiday, or a special date on the school-year calendar. The more memorable the event, the easier it is to track the passage of time.

  • Collect Your Artifacts
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Deciding what items to store in your Time Capsule can be tricky. Remember, the items you choose will be unavailable for day-to-day use! Good options include: a school assignment that you are exceptionally proud of; a stuffed animal or toy that you have recently out-grown, but still holds special meaning; a souvenir from a favorite trip like a keychain or magnet.

  • Create an Inventory List

You’ll want to not only list the items you are including in your Time Capsule, but why you have included them. What makes each item special, and how does it represent your accomplishments, preferences, or interests at the time. This can be a couple of sentences, or even a short journal entry for a fun reflection upon retrieval of your Time Capsule!

  • Contain Your Items

Your artifacts and memorabilia should be protected in an appropriate container. Choose something that can preserve against insect invasion and animal exploration. Often, a shoebox, coffee can, or reusable plastic container will do the trick. Just be sure seal with strong tape around the lid to ensure maximum security!

  • Clock Your Timeline

It is recommended that the Time Capsule stay sealed for at least one full year from the date of ‘burial.’ However, the more time that you can let pass, the more fun a trip down memory lane can be when you finally open your capsule. Just don’t forget about it – mark a calendar with your unearthing date!

  • Conceal Your Capsule

Traditionally, Time Capsules are buried in the ground outside. If that option isn’t available, parents are often good at finding some secret or out-of-the-way spots for your Time Capsule to live where it won’t be seen or disturbed until the unearthing date. Wherever you decide to put it, make sure at least 2 people know where it is located so it is not lost.

  • Countdown and Retrieve

Make an event out of opening your Time Capsule! Prepare a special meal with your family, or invite some friends over to commemorate the time that has passed. Sharing your Time Capsule’s items and inventory is a fun way to celebrate your growth in life.



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