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Guest Post: Last Minute DIY Holiday Cards

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 Stamping to Success

One of the easiest yet most beautiful ways to make holiday cards is to utilize rubber stamps. Rubber stamps are available in multiple styles, from a simple holly leaf to an intricately patterned winter scene.  To create a simple, elegant card, purchase a stack of pre-cut cardstock, pre-folded cards, a holiday stamp, and ink, all in coordinating colors. Stamp the cardstock, then use either decorative edge scissors to cut around the stamp. Affix the stamped cardstock to the pre-folded card and write a personal message on the inside. Additional decorative paper, ribbons, or embellishments can easily be added to give each card a personalized look and feel.

Multitasking with Gift Paper 

A simple and popular way to make last-minute holiday cards is to do so while wrapping presents. You can make a gorgeous design on card stock using leftover scraps of wrapping paper. This design is easy to implement and impresses everyone. Choose a holiday image, such as a Christmas tree, then take your measurements. Start with a strip of paper that is about three inches smaller than the width of the cardstock you will be using. Roll the paper into a tight tube and seal with invisible tape. Cut 10 to 12 more strips, each about a half-inch smaller than the last, rolling and taping each one until the final is about thumbnail-sized. Glue each tube onto the cardstock, stacked atop each other to give the image of a Christmas tree. Affix small, colorful buttons to the tree and top with a star cut from felt. No two cards will be exactly the same so each recipient will have his or her own work of art that can be kept for years to come.

Fingerprint Art

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Allow each child to press their thumbs into an ink pad, then ask them to leave their mark on lightly colored cardstock. For a household with only one child, using brown ink, have him or her place his print in the middle of the paper. Decorate the thumbprint with a small red pompom, brown pipe cleaners, and adhesive wiggle eyes to create a reindeer. For homes with two or more children, using green ink you may create a Christmas tree or wreath entirely from thumbprints and small red pompoms or sequins to represent holly or ornaments. Don’t forget to put the children’s names and ages on each card so that recipients know how extra special their holiday greeting truly is.

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