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Apples to Apples Xbox Live Review







This holiday season, Apples to Apples will delight players and bring families together using PlayStation Network for PlayStation3 and Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360, just before expanding onto Facebook and mobile devices. The digital versions of Apples to Apples will feature social gaming connectivity capabilities, allowing family and friends to share or play anytime, anywhere – in the same room or on opposite sides of the world!

Apples to Apples Xbox Live Review






Loved for its zany spontaneity and humorous results, Apples to Apples™ is the ultimate icebreaker. The family game favorite challenges players to outwit and anticipate the actions of others while taking into consideration personality, preferences and individual senses of humor. Apples to Apples™ is a word comparison game that requires strategic thinking and allows players to learn while having fun.

Apples to Apples Xbox Live Review






On Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360 and PlayStation Network for PS®3 the game will feature single-player, local and online modes for up to six players.  Apples to Apples™ also comes packed with all-new customizable play modes, vibrant backgrounds, and Golden Apple cards, which can be used to change the rules in fun new ways. Participants can choose between 16 animated avatars such as Pirate Apple, Cowboy Apple and Ballerina Apple. Players will also be able to post game results and boast of their clever comparisons on Facebook to earn additional rewards.

Upcoming downloadable content for the console versions will include new Golden Apple cards, party backgrounds, and new playable apples. More than 1,000 additional cards are also bundled into the content packs to keep gameplay fresh and exciting.

Apples to Apples Xbox Live Review





Later this winter, Apples to Apples™ fans will be able to enjoy the classic card game experience on Facebook and mobile devices.  Players will be able tosimply jump into existing games within the growing Apples to Apples™ community, or create their own custom experience for their friends and favorite players.  Innovative cross-platform play means the experience is as mobile as it is social. Facebook users will be free to challenge their friends using their smartphones, making Apples to Apples™ a truly connected digital experience. In Facebook and mobile application gameplay, participants will earn Apple Coins, Apple Cash and Apple Achievements, which unlock additional avatars, playing cards and themed backgrounds.

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Apples to Apples™ is now available on Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 (800 Microsoft Points), PlayStation Network for PlayStation 3 ($9.99 USD), Facebook and mobile devices, coming later.

Apples to Apples Xbox Live Review







Our Take: My family and I were given the opportunity to play Apples to Apples for Xbox Live.  Once we downloaded the game, we left a little confused since there are no directions on the screen that we could find easily and we had never played the card game.  That being said, we continued to play by trial and error.  We found the multiplayer “live” section of the game where we were put against other online players.  My 12 year old quickly figured the game out and became very engaged with us yelling suggestions and trying to convince him which card to pick. Having the timer in the corner made the competition even more fun since we really had to hurry to pick one.  My son was particularly interested when he got to be the judge of the other players.  The only down side for us was that there were only 2 other players on line and when one dropped out, the game ended.  We stopped playing after that.  I can see where it would be fun to have an Xbox Game Night since you can use the microphone to talk and listen to the other players but our online competitor told us to turn ours off (we may have been yelling at each other)  something good friends and family across the country would really love to hear! Reviewed by Beth and Family


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