Inexpensive & Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Inexpensive & Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Inexpensive & Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

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Did you suddenly remember that you forgot someone? No panic, The Review Wire is here to save the day!

Inexpensive & Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas:

1. Gift Certificate from Simply order online and print off, stick in an envelope and tada you have a gift in less than 3 minutes!

2. Create Return Address Labels and print from your home computer. You can pick up Avery Return Address Labels up at office supply stores, Walmart, and Target for around $7. Use the template in Microsoft Office to create 2-3 pages of return address labels for your recipient. Roll (don’t crease) and tie with a ribbon to gift this item.

3. Create a Coupon Book for those who have children. Be creative and have fun! Some coupons you can include are:
– This coupon entitles you to one free night of babysitting, up to 6 hours.
– This coupon entitles you to a dinner cooked by me!
– This coupon is good for 4 FREE hours of babysitting.
– This coupon entitles you to two rooms cleaned for FREE!
– This coupon entitles up to 4 children to spend 24 hours at my house (overnight included!).
– This coupon is good for an evening for myself to gossip and have an adult beverage, my treat!
– Mom’s Night Out, you are hereby entitled to a night out on the town (designated driver included!)

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4. Create a gift basket from your stockpile!

5. Purchase a magazine subscription from Then create a cute card to let the recipient know what magazine they will be receiving and for how long. You can also purchase the magazine you got the subscription for and attach with a note saying “This gift will last all year long as you’re receiving a 12-month subscription.”

6. Did the recipient just experience a life-changing event? If they had a baby, got married, graduated college, etc. upload a photo to remind them of the event to a site like, and have the photo printed off. Grab a cute frame at the $1 store, Walmart, etc. on your way to the party and tada, you’ve got an inexpensive and thoughtful gift!

7. Did you forget to purchase a gift for a child? You can make Play-doh at home and put into a Ziploc container or even print off a Coloring Book from Crayola and personalize it!

Play-doh Recipe:
1 C Flour
1 C Boiling water
2 TBSP Cream of Tartar
1/2 C Salt
1 TBSP oil
Food Coloring

I mixed the ingredients together first and then added the food coloring. Be sure to put the boiling water in last.

8. A Netflix subscription is a great last-minute gift and a very good price too! For $8.99 you can give a 1-month subscription to Netflix. This is a great gift for movie-goers!

What last-minute gift ideas do you have?

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