Green BEAN Delivery: Delivery of Organic and Local Produce Review Green BEAN Delivery: Delivery of Organic and Local Produce Review    

Green BEAN Delivery: Delivery of Organic and Local Produce Review

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Getting to the grocery store has become a distant memory for me. With the new baby, a new 2 year old and a almost 6 year old it’s quite the task in the middle of winter to head out, yet alone the grocery store! I’ve been avoiding the mid aisle breakdowns and the grocery store altogether by sending the Hubs! When I was asked to Review the Green BEAN Delivery service I signed up without hesitation…plus, my Hubby works on the Cincinnati Fleet Green BEAN Delivery vans at Ulmer’s Auto Care in Milford. We LOVE supporting local businesses so that was a added bonus.

Green BEAN Delivery services: Indianapolis, IN – Fort Wayne, IN – Muncie, IN – Anderson, IN – Cincinnati, OH – Columbus, OH – Dayton, OH – Louisville, KY – Lexington, KY – St. Louis, MO

Green Bean delivery service is dedicated to providing it’s customers with local grown produce with the convenience of being a  delivery service. The price is right for the convenience, however, the website is lacking something terrible. It’s very hard to grasp the concept from the website and placing the order along with what to do with the week’s bin has left me in the dark. If the company could get a better handle of their website and make the whole process user friendly I can see this company doing big things, but, until then I won’t be placing another order simply because it’s very difficult to navigate, change my order and even know when I’m suppose to be changing items in my basket with my lack of checking emails as of lately. I’ve been told they are in the works of a new website, so we will see…

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I will say that the Green BEAN produce that I received was top notch! The selection was a little scarce simply because we are in Cincinnati in the midst of winter with limited fresh produce able to grow in the freezing temperatures. One positive thing is that I am able to try foods that I wouldn’t otherwise pick up at our local grocer such as Fingerling Potatoes. I meant to add some fresh eggs to the cart and totally got side tracked because the changing of the Small Basket was to confusing…that’s saying a lot coming from a veteran blogger!

My girls LOVED the apples and oranges! While the Hubs and I enjoyed the fresh green beans…we may have added bacon and garlic to them…mmmmm and the greens were mixed in with tomatoes for a side salad one evening.

If you’d like to try the Green BEAN Delivery service in your area use code 15TRWml to save $15 off your first order. This offer expires 1/10/14 so be sure to use it NOW!

Do you have any experience or your own review you’d like to give us in regards to Green BEAN Delivery? We’d love to have you leave a comment below with your thoughts!

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2 Comment

  1. Tanya
    January 2, 2014 at 1:57 pm

    There are so many food delivery options available now. I can totally see not going to the store very often any more. I like the idea of not grocery shopping every week. This is the first organic veggies one I have seen though. I’m excited to see what they have.

  2. marissa lee
    January 3, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    this is great especially for these cold winter months…I have to see if i can find a place like this one..Thank you for sharing.

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