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Review | Gold Medal Products Co.

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Gold Medal Products Co.I have lived in Cincinnati all my life and never knew or even heard of Gold Medal Products Co. before I was contacted by them! When they told me about their company and what they offer they had me at “we make popcorn machines!” I can’t go into a Target without grabbing a bag of popcorn, it tastes so good compared to the bags we pop at home. But we are always stocked with the mini popcorn bags at home for the kids. Plus it is a healthy snack unless you drown it with butter and seasonings which is not so good like the kiddos do. I was recently able to tour their facility and get a first-hand look at how they make the popcorn machines.

While pictures weren’t allowed inside (proprietary reasons) I saw how the popcorn machines were made from start to finish. Almost all the parts are made, then assembled and tested right their in the warehouse. They pop so much popcorn every day, employees are always getting to take it home! Did you know that it takes 1-2 weeks to make a popcorn machine from start to finish depending on its size?

Gold Medal Products Co.

Gold Medal makes all types of equipment that you would find at concession stands. They have been around since 1931, right here in my own backyard! The company was founded by Dave Evans in 1931 and started off with paste, glue, soft drink concentrates, cake flavors and coloring, eyeglass cleaner and window washing compound. You might be asking how did they make the transition into machines…well the company then added Sno-Kone cups, ice shaving machines, and crockery syrup dispensers. Popcorn supplies followed. And by the late 1940s, Gold Medal was a major ice shaver machine and popcorn machine producer. Gold Medal introduced its first small popcorn popper the next year and the first factory-made Cotton Candy cone & Cotton Candy machine was made that same year too. In 1949, the 6-ounce Pop-A-Lot kettle put Gold Medal on the popcorn makers’ map.

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Gold Medal Offerings:

  • Concession Equipment
  • Popcorn Machines
  • Popcorn Supplies
  • Popcorn Staging Cabinets
  • Popcorn Butter Dispensers
  • Caramel, Kettle, & Cheese Corn
  • Cotton Candy Machines
  • Cotton Candy Supplies
  • Shave Ice & Sno-Kone Machines
  • Drinks & Frozen Beverages
  • Funnel Cake Fryers & More
  • Nachos & Cheese Dispensers
  • Hot Dog Grills & Cookers
  • Candy & Caramel Apples
  • Waffle Cone Bakers & Mixes
  • Whiz Bang Carnival Games

Gold Medal even has a showroom and store for you to purchase all your popcorn and concession needs: seasonings, paper popcorn containers, flavored popcorn, and cotton candy just to name a few items!  They are located at 10700 Medallion Drive in Cincinnati if you want to swing by and take a look.

Deluxe 60 Special popcorn machine

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