Custom Books of Children's Artwork Make Great Holiday Gifts Custom Books of Children's Artwork Make Great Holiday Gifts

Custom Books of Children’s Artwork Make Great Holiday Gifts

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Do you have boxes of your kids’ art creating clutter in your garage or basement? Do you feel guilty when you throw stuff away? Now it’s easy to stay organized while getting rid of the mess. Artkive provides an amazing service for people looking to better organize and store their kids’ artwork.

Artkive Kids Books

With Artkive Concierge you just send them all your art and they professionally photograph it and turn it into beautiful, custom books.

As the leading company for parents seeking to digitally store and celebrate their children’s artwork, Artkive is rapidly building out their Concierge network so every parent can benefit from what they do.


Artkive Concierge:

  • Prepaid mailing label to ship all of your kids’ artwork
  • All your artwork professionally photographed, digitized, and loaded into your account
  • Artwork will be accessible via the Artkive app for your viewing and sharing any time
  • Artkive will design and print a beautiful, hardcover book of all your kids’ artwork
  • Art can be shipped back upon request
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Artkive books

Artkive books make great gifts. Your kids will love seeing their work “published” and grandparents will love having a book of their grandkids’ art. Artkive has been featured on The Today Show, in Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, Real Simple, Daily Candy, and countless other magazines, newspapers, and TV news programs.

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  1. Avatar
    Heather Kinser
    November 14, 2014 at 8:30 pm

    This sounds like an amazing idea. I have archival bags with my girls’ pictures and schoolwork but I don’t know what to do with it. I will be looking into this resource for sure! Thank you.

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