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#HappyTailsSpa Pet Giveaway

Happy Tails Spa Pet Products

I received several products from the Happy Tails Spa canine spa line. A line that is all natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Peppermint and Tea Tree Paw & Nose Rub: This blissful balm will relieve the itching from those pesky fleabites while alleviating…

Martha Stewart for PetSmart

Martha Stewart Pets Line at PetSmart

Who can resist dressing their pooch up for the seasons? My mother in law has a Bichon named Sadie that is now about seven months old. I received several of the spring Martha Stewart Pets products to try with her, all…

Genesis950 After Picture

Genesis 950 Cleaner Review

Ok so I’m gonna get to the point on this one – this stuff is uh-mazing! I was so excited to use the Genesis 950 Cleaner once I received it but my steam cleaner literally burned up. So, ya’ll know…

Piggy Wiggies

Piggy Wiggies: Stuffed Pig Animals Review

Creator, Emma Louise started on a mission to make the cutest sock animal anyone had ever seen… and from that, Piggy Wiggies were born.   I received several Piggy Wiggies including, Bingy n’ Lilly (the pink and purple ones which are sisters),…