bobara Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag bobara Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

bobara Review: Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

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UPDATE 9/2016: This company is no longer in business

bobara is a collection of lifestyle accessories designed for women and men who want to stay on the cutting edge of technology without sacrificing their smart fashion sense.

Bobara Laptop Bag Review Bobara Laptop Bag Review

Bobara Laptop Bag Review Bobara Laptop Bag Review


As soon as I saw The bobara Laptop Bag, I fell in love with it! I have been searching for a bag for awhile now and I didn’t want to go with a plain old bag. I am so lucky that I was able to get one of these to review. The bag I choose was The Lady Lindy in Barcelona, it is sophisticated and brings a bit of class to this everyday mom.  The fabric used on the Checkpoint Friendly bags are all 1950s inspired. bobara accessories add vintage elegance to high-tech devices. The bobara bag enables you to go through security quickly and easily, without ever removing your computer from its protective compartment or your liquids from your bag.

So what makes this bag TSA Checkpoint Friendly?

Only your laptop can be inside of the bag. If you include other items (phone, keys) then you will more than likely be re-screened. When you are ready to go through security, unzip the middle zipper and unfold it like a book and lay flat. There is a clear plastic pouch to store a few small items, like liquids. You just need to flip it over so it hangs over the edge of the bag. to security screeners, this is the same as removing your liquids. Once you are cleared, re-zip your bag and you are good to go.

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Inspected by the TSA, bobara bags both functional and chic with an array of practical features:

  • – Padded computer compartment (the large size fits the 15” and 17″ MacBook Pro, while the small fits the 13” MacBook Pro).
  • – Three interior pockets for your cell phone, PDA, extra battery, and more.
  • – Large main compartment with an inner zip pocket.
  • – Flip-out quart size pouch that stores your bottles of liquid. When going through security, just flip the pouch to the outside of the bag and breeze through.
  • – Four pen pockets and inner key holder ring.
  • – Beautifully tailored microfiber interior.
  • – Unique water and stain-resistant printed canvas exterior.
  • – Four metal feet to protect the bottom of the bag.
  • – Small size specifications: 13.5”l x 10”h x 3.25”w
  • – Large size measures: 15.5”l x 11”h x 4.25”w

*Note: To satisfy TSA security requirements, make sure you pack the bag correctly to ensure an unobstructed view of your computer. The TSA retains the right to ask anyone to remove his/her laptop from the bag or to rescreen the bag if they decide this is necessary.

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