iRenew Bracelet Well Being Health Review iRenew Bracelet Well Being Health Review    

iRenew Bracelet Well Being Health Review

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I believe you believe, we all believe! Its group psychology. And it can be contagious. I wear an iRenew bracelet and tell you it makes me feel better and you think about it and try it and tell a friend and pretty soon a fad is born!

iRenew Review

iRenew sent two bracelets for evaluation. And I have to say they are as attractive as any of these ‘wonder’ bracelets I’ve seen. They come in a variety of styles and colors. These bracelets are as much about fashion as they are about well, feeling good. After all, what if I said wearing a rubber band around your wrist would make you feel better. No way would you be seen wearing a rubber band on your wrist. Not even in the office! Unless it happens to be black with a polished Aluminum clasp. Or yellow or red with embossed and raised decorations.

But the bracelets are still just fancy rubber bands. Well made and attractive and colorful. iRenew and none of the other makes of these bracelets make any type of claims about feeling better physically or emotionally. Because they can’t. iRenew says they design the bracelets based on Selective Frequency Resonance and say this might help with balance, endurance, and strength. Yeah, and wearing one might also cure world hunger!

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As an avid gym bum, I work out four days every week and I wore an iRenew bracelet during two consecutive workout sessions; man, I wanted to believe the bracelet would make me stronger and give me more energy! I really, really wanted to believe. But I didn’t notice anything different. My workouts felt the same and my energy level was the same and I didn’t fall off anything so I have to say that even though my bracelet looked good, it didn’t help.

Review by Larry G.

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    karen M
    December 30, 2011 at 7:37 pm

    Thanks for the review, I was wondering about these, they aren’t that attractive.. I think I will stick to the friendship bracelets the gals make for me.

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