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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

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It’s the 2nd week of the zombie apocalypse. You’re in a safe location, but you’re running out of food and fast. You’re headed to the supermarket to go looting, but you notice a home improvement store on the way there and figured you’d stop in to see if they have anything useful. After clearing the area of zombies, it’s finally safe to head in. You hear a few shamblers in the back of the store so you decide to get only what you need and leave. You pick up some seeds so you can farm at home, but you also pick up a nice gardening kit and a few watering cans while you’re at it.

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse


Zombie Fallout Shelter Sign

Suddenly, there’s a loud crash and it’s time to hightail it out of there. At least you got something useful right? As you take off, you realize you’re going to need a nice hiking pack or two to be able to carry everything you loot and if you ever have to go out again. Thankfully, once you get in, you realize that the supermarket has an “outdoors” section. The first thing you grab is two hiking packs and then head over to the food section so you can put all the food in your newly claimed backpacks.

Once you stock up on food, you go back to the “outdoors” section and pick some handy tools like axes and saws and some small propane tanks because you never know what you’ll need in the zombie apocalypse. While you’re there, you grab some more ammo for all of your weapons and pick up some blade sharpeners.

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As you’re leaving, you notice a generator and you know for a fact that it will come in handy. You realize that it’s rather heavy and decide not to take the generator to the car but rather, bring the car to the generator. You smash through the front windows taking out a group of walkers in the way. You load up the generator and the rest of your loot and you peel out of there to go to your safe-house. When you get there, you set up the generator and gas it up so it’s ready to go when the power eventually fails. You also organize your gear in your backpacks and sort the food you grabbed.

Beware of Zombies sign

Once you’re finished, you go and plant your seeds. There’s still more to get, but now that you have a few essential items, and you are ready to survive another day!

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