Blogger Contest: Organize a Online Groupizo Event Blogger Contest: Organize a Online Groupizo Event

Blogger Contest: Organize an Online Groupizo Event For Your Chance To Win $500! OVER

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UPDATE 2/2016: This company is no longer in business

Bloggers, how would you like to win $500 and Earn Money for your favorite Charity? I have partnered up with Customizo to help spread the word about their new site called Groupizo.
Grouizo Blogger Contest

  • ·Groupizo is a group funding platform providing a quick, painless, and social way to generate revenue for your cause. Creating a Groupizo Event involves zero overhead, zero production costs, and zero risk. 
  • ·Creating a Groupizo Event takes only minutes.  After selecting your product (or products), and creating and/or uploading your own artwork, all you need to do is set a selling price, set a closing date and decide on a custom url. Your supporters will then place orders online through the Event page.
  • ·At the close of each Event, Groupizo will produce and send the custom products to each supporter.  Profits from the Event go directly to your charity.

Here is an event for Bright Pink that Groupizo helped create. If I were to reach the goal of 200 shirts while selling the shirts for $12, Brink Pink charity would raise $1200. Some of the items for my event include a hat, sweatshirt, tee shirts and long sleeve shirts. You can view my event here:

The Review Wire for Bright Pink



Blogger Contest

Here are the rules for the Online Event:

  1. Log onto Groupizo and create a real event for a charity of your choice
  2. Set your goal for $100
  3. Create a blog post that talks about Groupizo and you charity of choice. Post must go live on September 16, 2013.
  4. REPORT the URL for the blog post. This MUST be completed for you to be entered into the blogger contest to win $500. Link for reporting:
  5. Publicize your event…the blogger who has the most successful event at the end of the event will win.
  6. The Most Successful Event will win $500 and the runner-up $250 (in the event of a tie, Customizo reserves the right to choose a winner). Success will be determined by the blogger who raises the most money.
  7. The event will run September Sept 16-October 14, 2013.

Blogger Referral Contest (The More the Merrier, Right!)

  1. Create a post that talks about the Groupizo/TheReviewWire Online Event that will be starting on September 16-October 14. All information can be taken from this post including he button.
  2. The sign up period for bloggers to join in the event will end on September 15, 2013 11:59 pm.
  3. The blogger who refers the most number of bloggers to participate will win $20 Paypal Cash from The Review Wire!
  4. Report the Referral Contest Post here:


  1. Q: What happens if I do not reach my goal but I sell some of the clothing?
  2. A: One of the many advantages of Groupizo is that as a courtesy, we include the option to produce a minimum of 10 units per event.  So any event that yields at least 10 orders/donations is considered to be successful.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions.

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