SuperHeat: Skate Boarding Trading Cards House Party SuperHeat: Skate Boarding Trading Cards House Party

SuperHeat: Skate Boarding Trading Cards House Party | #SHHOUSEPARTY

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SuperHeat is a collectible skate board sports trading card game featuring a host of current professional skateboarders and former legends in both street and vert.

Super Heat is a skateboarding card game where players connect TRICKS together to create a high scoring RUN.  When you can’t play a card from your hand, you BAIL – BAIL three times and your HEAT is over!  The player with a single RUN scoring the most POINTS wins the HEAT. The first player to win two HEATS wins the game. Watch out for THROW DOWN cards; when your opponent plays one of these cards, it will either hurt you or help him!

We were chosen to host a SuperHeat House Party. The boys had a fun time playing! The two winners at the party both enjoyed showing off their t-shirts. Our packages included SUPERHEAT starter decks, SUPERHEAT booster packs, limited edition SUPERHEAT collectible trading cards and  SUPERHEAT t-shirts. All the guests received: one official SUPERHEAT booster pack, a limited edition collectible trading card, tattoos and 2 winners received shirts.

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Stay Connected: Update 8/2015 – This company is no longer in business

  • Visit SuperHeat Games to Enter To Host Your Own House Party

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