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Shifu Plugo - Count & Link Combo Kit

Playshifu Plugo: Educational AR Gaming Kit

Playshifu offers a range of educational AR toys. It started with the educational AR cards, Shifu Safari. If you are not familiar with AR (augmented reality), it means that these toys are interactive with smartphones or iPads. When you…

JBL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL CLIP 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Small But Mighty

This speaker may be small as it fits in the palm of my hand; it also packs a whole lotta sound! This JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth speaker is not only portable but rugged and waterproof! We recently received the newest speaker…

The Review Wire: Have Fun and Learn with Pete the Cat Games

Have Fun and Learn with these Pete the Cat Games

If you have a little one, then you probably have heard or seen or read Pete the Cat. Having three older kids myself, I have found that my kids enjoyed playing games or learning with characters they knew. With the…

The Review Wire: Download a Mary Poppin Returns Activity Packet

Mary Poppins Returns Activity Pages

Have you seen both Mary Poppins Movies yet? What do you think about Emily Blunt as the “new” Poppins? Mary Poppins “Practically Perfect In Every Way” Mary Poppins flies out of the windy London skies and into the home…

Countdown America by M.C. Fox

Interview with M.C. Fox Author of Countdown America

Countdown America is a new political cyberespionage novel with a fierce female protagonist who also happens to be a single mom, providing a thrilling and relevant read that is also an inspiration to women everywhere. Countdown America follows CIA agent and…

The Review Wire: March 2019 Nadine West

Nadine West March 2019 Unboxing Video

This month’s Nadine West included several pieces that I am really excited about! If you have not heard of them, they offer affordable clothes and accessories each month. When I say affordable, just look at the prices of the…