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Aflac’s “Real Cost Calculator”

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I’m sure you are well aware of the Aflac Duck walking around quacking “Aflac… Aflac”. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen those ads but I have never checked into it. But this opportunity to participate in this campaign came right after I had to take my mom to the hospital. She was having chest pains again and we thought it might be another mini stroke so they, of course, admitted her and ran all kinds of tests. My mom, who has a modest income, now had an unexpected two day stay in the hospital to now deal with. By the way, her tests came back fine and we still don’t have an explanation as to what happened to her.

Aflac’s “Real Cost Calculator”

So that got me thinking, what if something “unexpected” were to happen to my husband or myself. Aflac helps prepare families for the often unexpected costs associated with unpredictable illnesses or injuries with their “Real Cost Calculator”. It illustrates the comprehensive costs associated with medical conditions, the calculator first estimates expenses not covered by major medical insurance.

Aflac’s “Real Cost Calculator”


I Used Aflac’s Easy To Use Real Cost Calculator:

  • Enter your age
  • Then there are eleven different examples of “What Ifs” like Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Heart Attack, Broken Leg, Stoke and Asthma for a child. I chose breast cancer because both my mother and her sister have had it.
  • Click Get the Real Cost
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The Real Cost Of Breast Cancer is 71,965. Then that number is broken down into 3 categories: Medical ($52,422), Household ($9,034) and Out Of Pocket Expenses (11,500).

You are able to then modify your results by adjusting your monthly mortgage, monthly income, family structure, medical severity and major medical coverage.

After making the adjustments, my “Real Cost Of Breast Cancer” went up to 80,923! You can then see how Aflac can help you. They can help me by reducing my expenses by $17,149. That is still a major chunk of change.

Major medical pays for hospitals and doctors. Aflac is insurance for daily living. By knowing and understanding the “real” costs associated with your health care, you can prepare yourself for those unexpected life events.

Test It Out:

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Aflac. 

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