Stuff Those Easter Baskets with Two New Book Series from Scholastic Stuff Those Easter Baskets with Two New Book Series from Scholastic

Stuff Those Easter Baskets with Two New Book Series from Scholastic

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With Easter right around the corner, why not give the kids some fun reading in their baskets? Sugar and boys don’t mix! I have three boys and prefer to give them more non-candy items in their baskets. Scholastic has two series of books, Mermaids to the Rescue and Pug Pals, each with a recently released book in the series. Both series are geared for kids aged 7-10 or grades 2-5. Check out the books below!

Mermaids to the Rescue

Mermaids to the Rescue

Nixie Makes Waves (Book #1): Nixie can’t wait to join the Royal Mermaid Rescue Crew. Along with a magical seapony partner, she’ll save merpeople in danger and use her natural creativity to keep the seas safe! But then Nixie gets matched with Rip — a super-speedy seapony who’s at the top of his class, but also a strict rule-follower. Rip and Nixie couldn’t be more different! Will Nixie be able to befriend Rip…or will she have to look for another fish in the sea?

Lana Swims North (Book #2): Princess Lana loves attending the Royal Mermaid Rescue Crew School, but she has a hard time speaking up in class, even when she knows the answer. Maybe she’s too timid to be a Rescue Mermaid? Then Lana meets another misfit — a funny horned creature named Spike. Lana helps Spike learn that he’s a narwhal, and when he asks for help finding his way back to the Arctic, she’s happy to swim along. A trip will help her forget her school worries for a while. The Northern Seas are full of new adventures — but also an emergency! Can Lana finally find her voice and save the day, or will she freeze up?

Cali Plays Fair (Book #3): Princess Cali and her twin brother, Prince Cruise, are expected to do everything together — but at the Royal Mermaid Rescue Crew School, Cali wants to stand out on her own. So when the principal announces a Rescue Crew Tournament to name the top merstudent of the year, Cali is thrilled. This is the perfect way to prove herself! But Cruise is a tough competitor. Will Cali do anything to win…even something fishy?

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Cascadia Saves the Day (Book #4): When a huge storm hits Astoria, will Cascadia be able to save her beautiful city?

Pug Pals

Pug Pals

Two’s a Crowd (Book #1): Sunny’s new little sister, Rosy, is getting her paws into everything. When Rosy takes Sunny’s favorite toy, Mr. Bunny, and loses him, Sunny is barking mad. But when Rosy sets off on her own to find and rescue Mr. Bunny, Sunny starts to worry. Rosy’s never been outside by herself before. Sunny will have to gather all the canine courage she has and go after them — before Rosy and Mr. Bunny are both lost fur-ever!

Yay for Vaycay! (Book #2): Sunny and Rosy’s human is going on vacation and it’s NO DOGS ALLOWED. But they don’t mind — they’re headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for unlimited snuggles and as many pug snacks as they can eat. But when a mystery animal destroys Grandma’s garden, the pugs get blamed. It’s all paws on deck to clear their names. If they don’t, their pugtastic vacay will be ruined!

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4 Comment

  1. desiree
    March 31, 2019 at 8:44 pm

    the book are great for kids and then i would love to have then for the kid i have next door there is 6 kids they love when i give them gifts

  2. Donna L Holder
    March 31, 2019 at 9:16 pm

    the kids will love these in their baskets. thank you so much

  3. Patricia Barraclough
    April 2, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    As a firm believer in starting reading early and a former children’s librarian, I am always glad to see a new series of books that will appeal to children. It can be hard to encourage them to read. An interesting, good series is an excellent way to do it, no matter what their age.

  4. Aubrey Daniels
    April 8, 2019 at 8:46 am

    My daughter would love the mermaid books, and my son would love the pug pals. Cutebooks! Perfect for Easter baskets

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