Zoe’s Green Planet App Review Zoe’s Green Planet App Review

Zoe’s Green Planet App Review

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Zoe’s Green Planet By Square Igloo

Zoe’s Green Planet AppZoe’s Green Planet App

Zoe’s Green Planet is about a little girl, who lives on a green planet. “Everything is green: the sky, the trees, the houses and even the people”. One day a strange Red Spaceship with a little red family lands on their planet. The red strangers saw the Green Planet from their Red Planet in space and had to see what it was all about. The family had a little red girl named Maho, the same age as Zoe and they ended up being friends despite their differences.

From the main screen on Zoe’s Green Planet, you can choose to read or play games. I like the feature in which you are able to jump straight to the games that the kids can play. Some of the features that can be turned off/on include displaying the text, ambient sounds or having the story narrated. You can also listen to the story in French or English.

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This story is interactive, so when you click on the images, you can do different things, like making smoke come from the chimney, petting the pet cat Marshmallow to hear him purr and helping to land the Red Spaceship.

This is a cute story with fun interactive play. It also offers a positive message that even though someone is different you can still be friends.

Games Included:

– grouping candy according to shape

– making a spaceship lift off by playing correct musical notes

– catching paper airplanes in flight

– sorting objects according to color

– guiding a spaceship through outer space while avoiding obstacles


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