Why Your Home Office Needs a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat Why Your Home Office Needs a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

Why Your Home Office Needs a Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

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I have been hearing the Vitrazza Glass Floor Mat commercials on the radio for some time but never really thought about why I should look into getting one. We have two areas in our house that currently use plastic mats, one in the office that hasn’t had much use up until COVID and one in my craft room.

Since working from home because of COVID, we really never paid much attention to the mat. We always just got what the office supply store offered, and that was that. When I had the chance to try out Vitrazza, I was excited to see what the big deal was and if it was that much better.

Here is our old plastic mat. Notice how not only is it cracked, but the greyish color takes away from the new carpet we had installed.

Old Plastic Floor Mat

Old Plastic Floor Mat

5 Reasons Glass Makes for a Better Mat

  • Never dents or cracks, so it will always look great
  • Long-lasting vs. having to replace plastic mats when damaged
  • Firm, will not bend, so your chair glides over the mat
  • Clear see-through glass to almost blend in with the surface
  • It makes your work area look sophisticated!

To forwarn you, when the box it arrives in is huge, you will need two people to carry it! The glass mat is very well protected. Before you lay it down, make sure that the area has been vacuumed or cleaned.

What’s included with the mat? To start, it comes with a transferable lifetime warranty and tips on how to clean and care for the mat. It also has Stabil-a-dot’s, and an easy lift tool.

What's Includes with the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat

Once unpacked, the glass mat comes marked as to which side is which. The sticker, by the way, is easily removable, not like some stickers that will just not come off!

Vitrazza Glass Floor Mat

It comes with what Vitrazza calls its Stabil-a-dot Bumper System, which are little plastic dots that you place around the mat on the bottom side. As you can see, you can hardly see the dots. Once you have the dots in place, and you set the mat down, do not try to slide the mat to adjust the position. You will want to pick it up and then place it down in the desired spot. We learned that the hard way and the dots moved and had to be repositioned.

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Vitrazza Glass Floor Mat

Voilà…our beautiful new glass chair mat! We have high-pile plush carpet for which the glass mat is especially great for as it will not leave divots or marks like a plastic mat. You can also use a glass mat on tile, ceramic, and even hardwood floors.

The glass mats are made from solid 1/4-inch thick Tufver Glass, Vitrazza’s proprietary combination of toughened (heat-treated) glass, and Invisible Shield Pro15 Nano-Tech Coating to help resist fine scratches. We have been using this mat for over 60 days now and not a scratch to be seen!

The mats also include furniture-quality polished edges with a Mini-Bevel. These have a slight bevel, so they are not sharp; the polish/bevel gives them a ‘softened’ edge that’s easy to roll on/off. So, no need to worry about edge chips as the Mini-Bevel eliminates that issue! This was a concern I had when it came time to vacuum the office. I can clean right up along the edge, or it can easily glide on top on the mat, so no worries.

I love how nice the glass mat has made the room look; now, I want another one for my craft room!

Let’s Chat: What Do You Think of the Vitrazza Glass Chair Mat?

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