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Ista T Shirt Review: What are you passionate about?

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What's Your ista? Ista Tee Who loves the idea of creating new words with a clever-sounding suffix? Certainly the creators of Ista Tees! I stumbled across the Ista website while looking for fun photography clothing, and I found it, my ista…I’m a ClickIsta! The shirt has a cute camera to show off my passion.

What are you passionate about? Ista offers so many different shirts, choosing just one will be hard if you are the winner! Are you or someone you know into sports, music, activism, faith, food or even zombies?

According to What’s Your Ista?, ISTA is defined as “a suffix used to denote a person (militant) who practices something, or is passionate about a cause, principle, doctrine, mission or hobby.”

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I love my shirt, all the shirts are 100% by the way, so they will shrink a bit in the dryer. All the shirts are also available in a slim fit, which is a junior cut. I am proud to show off my *ISTA!

Pistol Ista Pizza Ista Science Ista


UPDATE: This company is no longer in business, please visit our other fashion reviews

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    Kim Gorman
    September 28, 2012 at 4:43 am

    I would so love to win the Camp-ista T-shirt!! It is so very cute and with all the activities I do with Camp Fire USA, it would be quite perfect!!!!

    Thank you for providing such a wonderful Giveaway!!

    God Bless…..

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