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WaterField Designs: Laptop Sleeve Case Review

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WaterField Designs is a leading maker of distinctive, custom-fitted, cases and bags for digital gear with all products manufactured locally in San Francisco. From Laptop Bags, Laptop Sleeves, Netbook Sleeves, iPad Cases, iPad 2 Cases, iPhone Cases, Kindle Cases, Tablet Cases, iPod Cases, Smartphone Cases, Mobile Phone Cases, Camera Cases, Keyboard Sleeves, Wallets, Accessory Pouches, Shoulder Pads, Shoulder Straps, Gear Pouches, Organizational Pouches, Travel Bags, Gym Bags to Carry-on Bags!

So my husband recently had to one-up me and get a new MacBook Air, it is so thin! Anyway, I was able to build a custom Laptop Sleeve Case from Waterfield Designs for his computer. They will build you a bag any way you want! I went with a horizontal, brown leather and a flap for his. They offer sleeve sizes in 1/2″ increments to ensure a custom fit for your specific laptop! You start off by choosing the manufacturer of your computer. Don’t see it? Don’t worry, just contact them and they will get the specs on it. Then you decide if you want a vertical or horizontal case. Then you decide on aesthetics: trim style, flap or no flap, shoulder strap or piggyback pouch. And with each step, it gives you a total so you know what it will cost to build.

Once we received the bag, I was jealous. Even though it looks more manly, I wanted one for my MacBook! I love it. It is a really well-constructed bag. The material was super thick, it is made from ballistic nylon which makes it a very protective sleeve. There is even enough room so my husband can toss a few small items in the bag. He also likes the fact that it is TSA Checkpoint Friendly! On the back, there is also a pouch to slide a notebook or papers in. This case would make a great Graduation or Father’s Day Gift!

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Awesome Features for the WaterField Designs Products:

  • Ballistic nylon in black (used in bullet-proof vests):  it’s highly durable and keeps its luster for many, many years.
  • The bags’ inside liners are gold rather than black:  it gives you instant visibility of your bag’s contents.
  • Industrial-strength hardware is used for the buckles, zippers, and D-rings: to easily and reliably hold and balance heavy loads.
  • The opening on the Cargo pocket is a half-circle rather than “U” shaped:  you can open it and access its contents with a single hand.
  • Stiffener in the Large Cargo: it keeps its shape while still contouring comfortably to your body.
  • The pockets and SleeveCases are designed for one-handed access.
  • Gear Pouches use self-locking zippers: so that your contents don’t accidentally spill out.
  • The shoulder pad uses comfortable non-sliding material: to prevent bags from slipping off your shoulder.

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