UMI Children's Shoes: The Moabb B Review {The Review Wire} UMI Children's Shoes: The Moabb B Review {The Review Wire}

UMI Children’s Shoes: The Moabb B Review

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I have worked with Umi Shoes several times now and they never disappoint. With each season, they update their styles and offer such cute shoes for both boys and girls.

Umi makes shoes for babies up to a size 9 shoe for bigger kids. They use soft, drum-dyed leathers and other non-toxic, environmentally friendly natural materials and test each and every design extensively for durability and safety.

Umi Shoes

Umi has several great features in all their shoes:

  • Ankle and heel padding cradle the feet in comfort
  • Spacious toe box allows for room to grow and won’t pinch toes
  • Shoes are made from breathable natural materials to keep feet dry and healthy
  • Crafted to cushion and protect feet where they need it and for flexibility everywhere else
  • Ready to run straight out of the box. No break-in period required!

This time, my son insisted on getting a pair called the Moabb B. In his words he thinks they look, “cool” and “army like”. Personally, I do not like Velcro shoes, especially at his age, but he really wanted a pair that he could easily get on and off.

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Umi Moabb B II

Once they arrived, he was so excited and had to get them and go out to play army right away. He said, “They make me look like a commando!” As you can see, he already has broken them in with a little dirt!

The Moabb B are leather and man-made uppers with durable outsoles and linings. They have hook-and-loop Velcro strap closure and are UmiTex water-resistant. The Moabb B is also available in stone and black color.

Umi Shoes Moabb B II

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