The Ultimate List & Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys Birthday Party The Ultimate List & Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys Birthday Party

The Ultimate List & Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys Birthday Party

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Your son has a birthday coming up, and you are a parent whose priority comes to making your kids happy. So what next? A birthday party. Yes, whether a novice or a pro, you must throw the best birthday party for your boy!

The Review Wire - The Ultimate List & Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys Birthday Party

Ok, planning a kid’s birthday party can be similar to pinning a tail on a slippery donkey. But it doesn’t have to get that daunting. Planning your boy’s birthday party can be fun, exciting and even rewarding. Successful, even.

What about the ultimate list for the best boys birthday party? Does it really come in handy? The answer is resounding. Yes! You have to make use of a checklist. But wait — first, a few tips for the best birthday party for your boy.

Tips for Planning the Best Boys Birthday Party

Plan In Advance

The Review Wire - The Ultimate List & Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys Birthday Party

Having a plan means you know where you want to be – the best birthday party for your kid. When you plan a party in advance, it is easy to allocate resources towards your desired outcome.

Additionally, planning in advance means you won’t have to rush during the last minute. This spares your energy on putting together the necessary plans like guests invitation, décor among others. However, you won’t have to plan it too early, not to make your boy obsessed with anxiety.

Let Your Child Participate

Panning the party with your kid goes a long way to making it more satisfying for them. Though this should be at the discretion of you as a parent, you can make him involved a little bit, say like in choosing the best boys party themes.

Decide On Party Location

You need to decide early in advance on the location for your kid’s birthday party. This will help you determine the number of guests to invite as well as dictating the overall cost of the birthday party.

Check On Availability Of Quests

Yes, let them confirm their availability before fixing a birthday party date. It goes well with kids to mingle with guests and their fellow kids. Just ensure that the date favors all the must-have guests.

Decide On a Theme

The Review Wire - The Ultimate List & Things You Will Need To Prepare the Best Boys Birthday Party

You cannot underestimate the importance of a theme in planning your boy’s birthday party; it goes a long way to helping on the appropriate decorations to buy, foods to prepare and games to organize.

For instance, for 6-9-year-old boys, Princess, pirate or Harry Potter themes do pretty well. Sit down with your boy and help him list the best boys party themes. Then go with him to party stores and pick the best party theme for him.

Go Easy On Yourself

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Did I say birthday party preparation isn’t easy at all, even with professionals? Well, you won’t have to take on too much then you can chew. You also won’t have to expect too much as well. Instead of overburdening yourself, why don’t you check with friends and family for favors?

Say like asking a friend to help in making decorations, or a cake. Just make your life easy now. Remember your focus is on making your child excited as opposed to the crowd. Therefore, won’t hurt to outsource a few hotdogs and drinks without splashing your coins.

Boys Birthday Checklist (Click on Image to Download)

The Review Wire - Birthday Party Checklist

Six Weeks Ahead

  • Have a theme in place
  • Have a guest list
  • Create a budget
  • Reserve your venue
  • Have a date set (which your guests are comfy with)

Four Weeks to the Party

  • Try to get the list of attendees probably the class list (assuming your boys wants to invite the schoolmates).
  • Spread the word. Remember experts say that kids are thrilled by homemade invitations.
  • Order the cake. In case you are not planning to make the cake yourself, or don’t have a volunteer for the same. Remember to make the cake resonate with the party theme.
  • Order the piñata!
  • Plan the best kids pleasing menu.
  • Plan party games & activities. Try out those classical games with a fun twist.
  • Book the party planner (if you need one at all).
  • Book the caterer, (if you’re having one)
  • Book the entertainer, (if you need one)

Fast Forward 3 Weeks

  • Buy party supplies:
    • Balloons
    • Party hats
    • Napkins, cups, plates & cutlery
    • Centerpieces
    • Tablecloths
  • Ask for an extra hand from friends, family

2 Weeks Ahead

  • Put together all party supplies:
    • Rent, borrow or buy party supplies you can’t find
  • Outline the party flow schedule
  • Confirm reservations

3 Days Ahead

  • Make a grocery list
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Charge your camera and put in place a good back up
  • Assemble party favors
  • Organize party supplies
  • Pick up the piñata

1-2 Days Ahead

  • Bake the cake or pick it up
  • Prepare foods & drinks
  • Stuff the piñata
  • Undertake the décor
  • Wrap the birthday gift
  • Clean the venue
  • Let the birthday boy sleep late

Final Day

  • Finish cooking
  • Do a final touch cleaning
  • Set up the tables
  • Fine-tune decor

And finally, plan the goodbye. Establish a proper protocol for the safety of the kids and guests. Take note as every child leaves. Let them say goodbye and mentally see them off.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by Megan C. for Discount Party Supplies

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    Amy D
    March 19, 2019 at 10:46 am

    My daughter will be turning 6 on Sunday. We are just doing a little celebration with family. I do love your checklist and will keep it for when I do a birthday party with her for friends, probably next year. This will be very handy.

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    Jennifer Russell
    March 20, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    I have 3 kids and planning their parties can get rather hectic. I love the little checklist printout you added to the article! This would be so helpful and would eliminate me forgetting certain things.

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    Thanks for your tips looking good

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    Sharing this with my daughter. My grandson will be 7 in a couple of months.

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    This is a great article. So many parents are overly busy today, it is hard to plan and easy to forget something for parties the are planning. This checklist and the article suggestions are great help for them, no matter the theme of the party or the age of the participants.

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