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Tuft + Paw Holiday Gifts for the Modern Cat + Review

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My son adopted Wedge when he was just a few weeks old. He is now about 14 months and has grown to a 10-pound furball. This is his first cat, so when I saw Tuft + Paw, I liked the modern and simplistic furniture they had to offer.

The Review Wire: Wedge the Cat

“At Tuft + Paw, nothing makes us happier than seeing a well-loved cat. For us, that means providing them with the best possible environment- one that also protects and enhances the beauty of our world. Our cats love comfort, and we love ethically made modern designs.

We choose brands whose ethically responsible designs also support cats. We do this by recognizing companies that take the same pride in the details of their craft as they do in the ethics of their materials and operations. Working with business owners who share our views keeps us inspired to find the best options for cats and their owners.” – Tuft + Paw

Lato Scratching Post

This horizontal scratching post features legs that are made of beautiful, solid birch wood, which has been certified as certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Natural, eco-friendly sisal encases an irresistible core of organic catnip to encourage your cat to keep actively scratching! Suitable for cats of all shapes and sizes. MSRP $129

Tuft + Paw Lato Scratching Post Tuft + Paw Lato Scratching Post Tuft + Paw Lato Scratching PostTuft + Paw Lato Scratching Post

Gatto Basket

This basket would like great in any room… it doesn’t even look like a cat bed! Handmade of 100% wool, the curved walls are shallow enough for easy access and cradle your cat’s relaxed body like a comforting hug. The handle is reinforced with wrapped yarn, allowing you to move it throughout your home easily. For cats under 15 pounds. MSRP $129

Tuft + Paw Gatto BasketTuft + Paw Gatto BasketTuft + Paw Gatto BasketTuft + Paw Gatto Basket

Other Tuft + Paw Gift Ideas

  • Heritage Cat Collar

    Heritage Cat Collar

    This collar features vegetable tanned leather with brass hardware for a high-end and classy look. With suede lining that's comfortable against your cat's neck, this collar is also safe with a breakaway clip for their protection. A brass bell lets you know your cat is just around the corner but is also removable for a little quiet time. MSRP $79

  • Meogda Stand

    Meogda Stand

    This tri-pod table elevates food bowls for a cleaner eating experience. Some cats play with their food and water; these metal tables encourage eating and prevent spillage from occurring. This table is also easy to wipe clean and heavy enough to prevent movement. MSRP $59

  • Milo

    Milo Jungle Gym

    This unique jungle gym gives cats endless opportunities for play and discovery to maintain their physical and mental health. Great for multi-cat households, the elaborate structure features two covered treehouses, two perches, and two slide-like scratching posts upholstered in a durable carpet fiber. Made of natural birch plywood, and features animal-friendly curved corners for safety. MSRP $949

  • MiaCara Capello

    MiaCara Capello

    This sumptuously soft cat bed is the ideal choice for cold winter nights. Encircle your cat in the ultra-soft walls of this circular nest-shaped bed. Long tufts of faux fur spiral forth from the overstuffed circular form of this elegant bed. MSRP $169

  • MiaCara Nido

    MiaCara Nido

    The two-toned chunky oversized yarn used to craft this piece gives it a clean and modern look with a craftsman hand-knit feel. It looks right at home on a natural wood floor or paired with some soft blankets and pillows on your sofa. The soft and flexible walls of the bed stretch to fit the unique shape and size of your cat, giving it a familiar shape they will return to day after day. MSRP $229

  • Choco Tent

    Choco Tent

    Created using natural materials, this tent is meant to bring nature inside for your cat. Its smooth cone shape and domed wooden base offer a comfortable and contemporary hide-a-way for cats. A pillow insert supports your cat's body and contours to their shape. Wooden rods support this tent and make it both solid and durable for use. MSRP $249

  • Hoiru Cat Wheel

    Hoiru Cat Wheel

    With a solid oak base and a modern round shape, this cat wheel entices cats to exercise. The thin, light grey felt encourages cats to scratch, climb and grip as the wheel turns. Neutral colors complement the color scheme of any home and the moving wheel provides a unique exercise element to a cat's home. MSRP $999

  • MiaCara Volto

    MiaCara Volto

    The minimalist shape and gray color make it a stylish complement to your existing décor. Its slick aluminum frame keeps the felt scratch panel firmly in place. Install it horizontally for smaller cats and kittens. A vertical orientation will challenge your curious cat to reach upward and get more exercise from each satisfying scratch. MSRP $299

  • Fish Bone

    Fish Bone

    This cat toy resembles a fish skeleton and comes with a bag of catnip to relax and entice cats. The natural cotton and thick linen fabric is soft for cats to play with and is filled with polyester for a playful and dynamic shape. The fabric holds the scent of catnip for active playtime. MSRP $29

  • MiaCara Filo

    MiaCara Filo

    This modern cat toy features a sleek design of cork and vegetable-tanned leather to engage your cat's hunting instincts. Leather is woven around a lightweight cork sphere to create an irresistible texture. Woven leather is soft on cat's paws but durable enough to survive playtime. MSRP $29

  • Camada Litterbox

    Camada Litterbox

    This beautiful modern litterbox redefines the category. The top compartment lets cats exercise their natural inclination to climb, while a wooden divider gives them privacy. Multiple slatted openings allow for air circulation and let some light into the space in the rib-like design. A large hidden compartment on the lower level stores the litterbox and opens with a drawer for easy cleanup. MSRP $459

  • Kyari Bag

    Kyari Bag

    With soft cotton and linen inner fabrics, the Kyari Bag is a soft sanctuary for your cat. The outer layer is durable for people on-the-go and great for transporting your cat. Inner fur can be detached and washed as needed, making it easy to keep your Kyari Bag clean. The Kyari Bag is 100% handmade, ensuring its quality. MSRP $229

Tuft + Paw donates a portion of every single sale to support no-kill cat shelters!

Donate a Bed Program

Any customer can purchase any item for a 50% discount if they are donating it to a shelter of their choice. This helps shelters get affordable, beautiful cat furniture.

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4 Comment

  1. Sue E
    November 13, 2019 at 11:15 pm

    I had to pin this to my 2019 Gift Ideas board!
    These gift ideas are amazing! The second cat bed reminds me of a bed pan 🤪. Plus the Camada Litterbox looks like a condo!
    These cat needs designs fit right in with the decor & they look durable. I love that we only have to pay half price when we donate it to a shelter!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. gloria patterson
    November 17, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    OMG your son’s baby has to be spoiled with all these great things. Really like the scratching post the most, and it looks like it would keep several cats happy

  3. Catherine Lewis
    November 20, 2019 at 6:48 pm

    I really love the scratching post and the cat bed that is pictured. My cat would love those too!

  4. Judy Metcalf
    December 1, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    There are so many cute items for gifts for my cat. I think my favorite would be the Choco Tent, I think it’s adorable and my cat would love it. Thanks for sharing.

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