TruGreen Winter Lawn Care Tips #TruGreen TruGreen Winter Lawn Care Tips #TruGreen

TruGreen Winter Lawn Care Tips #TruGreen

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Just because it is winter doesn’t mean you can stop caring for your lawn. Winter can be hard on your lawn, and proper winterizing now can pay off come Spring. Mowing and raking aren’t enough to keep your lawn healthy. TruGreen offers multiple applications throughout the year—typically every four to six weeks—to make sure your lawn is the best it can be within its local soil types, weather conditions, and grass varieties.

Unfortunately, we learned the hard way about the importance of lawn care. We had several patches on our front lawn that we just could not get grass to grow, we tried all spring and summer! Finally, we were told we had grubs and that was what was killing our grass. Lesson learned!

Lawn Care During The Winter

So what can happen to your lawn during the winter months? Plants can dry out and with frozen soil not being able to help water, they can get winter burn. Low temperatures can cause plants to wither and die and even the bark on the trees can split.

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Winter Damage is Preventable: Winter Lawn Care

Here are several tips from TruGreen to help prepare your lawn for winter:

  • Mow right up until the first frost.
  • Cover plants and water them before the soil freezes.
  • Rake the leaves, if left they can suffocate the grass.
  • Clear out the dead plant material between the grass and soil, leaving the thatch can deprive roots of water.
  • Trim and fertilize both trees and scrubs

TruGreen Winter Lawn Care


Get Ready Now

Get ready for Spring now with TruGreen. Every TruGreen lawn plan begins with a Healthy Lawn Analysis, which is performed by a TruGreen Ph.D. certified specialist. It helps them create a tailored approach that gives your lawn exactly what it needs to reach its full potential.

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