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The Prisoner of Carrot Castle iPad App Review

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The Prisoner of Carrot Castle from Purple Carrot Books is first in a series of book apps devoted to helping kids make healthy eating choices through an entertaining and interactive story.

In “The Prisoner of Carrot Castle” Aiden’s imagination transports him to a far away place where he finds himself a prisoner in a cell made of carrots. What will he do? He must face the angry King! Will his hate for vegetables get him in trouble? Come along and help Aiden as he tries to escape from Carrot Castle.

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle

The Prisoner of Carrot Castle iPad App Review: What draws me in when it comes to books or apps are the illustrations. I stumbled across this app and thought the illustrations looked cute. The story follows Aiden on an adventure to get him to eat his carrots and broccoli. I read this with my four year old and thought it sent a positive message, eat your veggies, although I don’t think he took away the same message. This interactive app includes reader involvement by tapping, sliding, tilting the iPad to help in his adventure. This app runs 2.99 and is available for iPad.

  • This book comes with the following features:
    •“Read to Me On”—to have the story narrated.
    •“Read to Me Off”—to read the story to myself.
    •“Music On/Off”
    •Find hidden sounds and animations in the pictures
    •Animation and sounds triggered by the story
    •Games (one using the accelerometer) help Aiden along in his adventure
    •Original artwork by Kate Jeong
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