The Little Gym Summer Camps The Little Gym Summer Camps    

The Little Gym Summer Camps

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If I hear, “I’m bored” one more time…

I found an indoor camp near me at The Little Gym. I have two other boys that when they were younger, I would have them in all kinds of summer camps and activities. With my third, it seems like the poor kids get the short end of the stick! I had never been to a Little Gym nor has my kids ever taken a class their so I was glad when we were given the opportunity to take a summer camp at the location near us. The Little Gym has locations all over the US, Canada and even overseas but here in Cincinnati, it is located in Mason. 

The Little Gym Summer Camp The summer camps are for children aged 3 to 12 and are three fun-filled hours a day. Monday through Thursday it is 1-4 and then on Friday 9-12. But the hours may vary per location as each Little Gym can set their own schedule and what camp they would like to offer each week.

Some of the themes that The Little Gym summer camps include: Instructional Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Sports, Carnival, Whales Sharks Mermaids, Cars Planes Trucks Trains, Super Grown Ups, Animal Planet, Karate, and Grade School Skills Camps. The summer classes do fill up fast, according to Kevin, the owner of The Little Gym Mason. What I like about these camps is that the kids are up and moving, running around most of the time. They also incorporate arts and crafts, skill building and games. 

All Little Gym locations offer a FREE introductory class for their regular classes. Just visit The Little Gym website, find a location near you and click on the big orange Introductory Class button.

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My son was able to take a skills camp, so stay tuned next week for my review of his Grade School Skill Thrill: Caribbean Cartwheels, Hawaiian Handstands, and Vaulting Volcanoes camp!


Prices vary based on location but a one day class at the Mason location starts at $28, and the entire week runs $95.

Regular classes are a member-based program that starts with a $40 membership. The Mason location will waive the membership when you join the day of your free introductory class!  They are always in open enrollment so you can join on a prorated basis. The upcoming fall semester is 20 weeks long and will offer you 3 different payment options.  Pay monthly at $80, two payments of $195, or in full at $380.

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