Joy Factory aXtion Go iPhone Case Joy Factory aXtion Go iPhone Case    

The Joy Factory aXtion Go iPhone Case

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I have never used a “full protection” case before, so I was a bit apprehensive about The Joy Factory aXtion Go case when it arrived. The back has an unusual diamond design, that seems odd until you realize it is padding to protect your iPhone. I also tried the belt clip and bike mount.

Joy Factory aXtion Go Case Review


The case is a very tight fit, but it fits perfectly- it is designed to protect from dust, drops, and contact with liquids- but not total submersion. Once in the case, the fit is solid, and all the buttons were accessible and functional. The case snaps into the belt clip and the bike mount. One of my incorrect assumptions was that it would be too bulky to fit in my pocket, it added nearly nothing to the size of the 5 and slipped in and out of my pocket easily. Since it fit nicely I didn’t use the belt clip too much, I have never been a “clip guy”, it just seems to get caught on too many things for my taste. However, if you are accustomed to carrying on your belt, this should perform as you would hope. The clip also turns your phone into a stand.

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Joy Factory aXtion Go Case Review

The bike mount has very solid hardware and fits securely on the handlebars. That being said, of my three bikes I could only use it on one of them- the other two are high-end bikes with fatter handlebars than most would own. I’m pretty sure that it would fit most recreational hybrid or city bikes. I used it on my full suspension 29er and I rode a few hours with it and it never moved-totally secure. If it stays during hours of single track with roots, drops and other obstacles it should stay put through anything.

Joy Factory aXtion Go Case

After a week or so of living with the aXtion Go I think it is a solid performer. If you need full protection this will do it for you. I did have a number of calls where the other end said I was hard to hear, and it does decrease the volume on the iPhone. If you need the protection this offers there are always going to be tradeoffs- better to protect your phone and know it will be available when you need it.

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    Donna K
    January 7, 2014 at 11:54 pm

    It looks like a great case. I need to get a good one like that.

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