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The Democracy Project from PBS KIDS

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I believe that kids should be involved in politics. It is important to instill in them even at a young age the importance of government, how it can affect our everyday lives and what each branch of the government does and is responsible for.

The Democracy Project from PBS KIDS

After looking around at The Democracy Project, I like what I see. The cartoon images of the Presidents, all of them, are presented in a fun way that makes it interesting for kids to learn. They present an unbiased view of the candidates.

PBS KIDS has redesigned The Democracy Project to provide fun, interactive election-themed activities for early-elementary age kids to learn about the candidates, and the election process, online, offline and on tablets. The Democracy Project includes campaign posters, presidential trade cards and:

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Sticker Race: Kids can create and share campaign stickers about the issues that are important to them and the candidates that they support. They can also cast their votes for their favorite stickers helping to highlight the creativity of the community as well as which issues matter the most.

Meet the Candidates: An Election 2012 infographic illustrates fun facts about the presidential candidates and the race.

President for a Day: After applying to become president, kids will have the opportunity to role-play as the president for a day, making decisions about different events that a president might actually experience while in office.

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