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The Croods App: Movie Storybook Review

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The Croods App

The Croods Movie Storybook Deluxe By zuuka incorporated

I like getting the app to the movies before I head out to see them, that way I kind of have an idea of the storyline and if the kiddos will be interested. In The Croods Movie Storybook Deluxe, you start off by dressing up the two main characters with Guy in survival gear and with Eep you choose Croods Couture.

The app has three modes to choose from: Read It Myself, Auto Play and Read To Me. Since my son is just learning to read, I like the different functions.

The Croods App

The story is all about The Croods, a cave family. Grug leads his caveman family, the Croods, on a perilous adventure across harsh terrain as they try to outrace cataclysmic events. They come across Guy, an outsider who explains that there is an upcoming disaster. There are several made up creatures from two animals like punchmonkeys, turkeyfish, and macawnivores that my son thought was funny. With the disaster comes the loss of The Croods cave and so they need to set off to find another place to live. Guy tries to help The Croods but Grug (the dad) sees that his daughter (Eep) is wanting to learn and kind of smitten with Guy. Can Grug save his family in this new world? Find out if they can survive the journey–and each other, I don’t want to spoil the ending.

The Croods App: Movie Storybook Review

The app features voices from the movie and the Belt, the monkey, on almost every page that when clicked does some kind of funny action. One thing I would have liked to see in this app are mini clips from the movie and a few games, something to keep the kiddos more engaged.
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