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Thanksgiving Must Haves: Tools for Entertaining

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Thanksgiving will be here shortly and you need to make sure you have the right tools for entertaining. Taking stock and having the basic supplies before you start will help so you are not panicking the day of.

The Review Wire: Thanksgiving Must Haves -Roasting Pan

Roasting Pans
You can’t oven roast a turkey without a roasting pan! Make sure to check out the Butterball Turkey Calculator to figure out just how big of a turkey you need, so you don’t fall short.

Table Setting
The perfect tablecloth or runner will help set the scene, and with decorations like candles and turkey-shaped salt and pepper shakers to help accentuate the main centerpiece.

Not just any platter will do! Make this one a decorative one. Better yet, bringing out the family heirloom might bring out those family stories and memories.

Carving Knife
Can’t carve a turkey without a knife.

The Review Wire: Thanksgiving Must Haves -Gravy Boat

Gravy… Yes, Please! 
You have to have a gravy boat for the gravy not only for the turkey but, mashed potatoes too!

Pie Dish and Server
Thanksgiving dinner just isn’t complete without dessert! Make sure to have a pie dish on hand for the pumpkin, pecan and apple pies… oh my! Also, make sure you have coffee and all the accouterments on hand to wash down all the pie.

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The Review Wire: Thanksgiving Must Haves -Bread Basket

Bread Basket
Throw in two cloth napkins, slightly overlapping inside the basket to wrap and help keep the rolls warm.

Water Pitch
Make sure to set out a water pitcher on the table so your guests can help themselves.

Now that you have the basic supplies for your feast, now it’s time to get crackin’ on recipes for sides, desserts and learning how to actually cook a turkey! You can check out my other posts on How to Make an Oreo Turkey Cookie, delight is some delicious Chocolate Buckeyes or learn to make delectable Biscotti.

Less Traditional?

Or, if you prefer to forgo the traditions and host a less formal get together, have your guests each bring a dish. Not only does that mean fewer dishes to clean, but that also alleviates all the work that goes into cooking all… day… long.

Happy Thanksgiving

Let’s Chat: What other supplies would YOU recommend for a Terrific Thanksgiving?


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