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Review | Team UmiZoomi: UmiGames DVD

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Join Milli, Geo, and Bot on four sports-themed math adventures in Team Umizoomi: Umigames.  Preschoolers will learn many math skills, including counting, patterns, measurement, and more! Get in the Olympic spirit and don’t miss out on the Umi Team’s latest all-new DVD.

Team Umizoomi: Umigames

Team Umizoomi combines action-adventure missions with an interactive math curriculum designed to help kids develop self-confidence in their math abilities and appreciate the many ways in which math shapes their world.  The series is designed to build upon preschoolers’ conceptual understanding of math as they are exposed to core mathematical concepts like numbers, counting, computations, measurement, patterns, and shapes.

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Team UmiZoomi: UmiGames DVD Episode Synopses:

Umi Sport Games

Team Umizoomi is playing in the biggest sports event around: the Umi Games! To win the Super Sports Trophy, Milli, Geo and Bot must defeat the robotic athletes.

Boardwalk Games

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Team Umizoomi’s friend Ryan wants to win a toy helicopter at the Boardwalk Carnival. Milli, Geo, and Bot play carnival games to earn tickets and help Ryan win the special prize.

Crazy Skates

Bot decides to give roller-skating a try but when he puts on a pair of “crazy skates” by accident, he starts rolling out-of-control all cross Umi City. Milli and Geo must rescue their runaway robot pal.


Jake calls in from his class trip at the Umi City Carnival.  The class is having a great time on all the rides but Jake lost his favorite stuffed animal Bunny!  Team Umizoomi takes the Umicar to the carnival to help Jake rescue his stuffed animal.

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