TaoMix App: Relaxing Sounds Mixer App TaoMix App: Relaxing Sounds Mixer App

TaoMix App: Relaxing Sounds Mixer App

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TaoMix Relaxing Sounds Mixer App by deMute

TaoMix is an app that allows you to mix over 40 different sounds to create just the right ambiance. With the free version, you get one sound in each category and you are allowed to have three sounds playing at a time. The full version unlocks all the sounds and you are able to mix up to 10 sounds. There are 12 different categories: humans, chimes, fire, ocean, water, wind, thunder, rain, birds, insects, other animals and a miscellaneous section that includes white noise, TV static and more. Each sound you pick can also be customized with the color wheel.

TaoMix App 

You are able to continue using your device while your mix plays in the background. There are several different options on how you can get your sounds to play. The white circle (pictured below) is the cursor which you can “throw” to make it bounce around the screen so the sounds fade in and out at random. You can also have the cursor at any fixed point on the screen and then you are able to move the sounds around to get the intensity you desire. You are also able to adjust the weight of a sound by making the “sound bubble” larger, see the difference in the yellow wind and the blue water bubbles?

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TaoMix App


The control pad is easy to use. You can upload your own sound, save your newly created ambiance for future play, and even set the timer when using to fall sleep. Whether you are looking for the perfect ambiance to relax, sleep better, meditate, practice yoga, enhance your concentration or simply because you like the sounds of nature, TaoMix is made for you.

TaoMix App


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