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RecoFIT Compression Gear Review: Full Leg Sleeve

My son has Osgood–Schlatter in his knees and after 3 months of very light activity, we were ready to try anything to help him get active and playing sports again! That is when RecoFIT was brought to my attention. They offer…

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Reva Wear Review: Marathon Jacket

I hate working out but I love workout clothes. I bought a gym membership Jan 1 and have gone exactly 1 time! Who else has done this? I stumbled onto Reva in my search for some cool workout clothes…

Zumba Fitness Wear

Zumba Fitness Wear Review: Join The Party

I hate to workout…I am going to tell you that now! Not even when I was on Nutrisystem did I work out. I did however try a few Zumba classes many moons ago when I belonged to the YMCA.…