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K’NEX Mini Golf Building Set Review

The K’NEX  Mini Golf Building Set came in a large box with 3,100 connector parts and pieces and is for the kid/parents who like to build, like my son and his dad. First, you need to come up with a system…

KNEX TitanFall

K’NEX Titanfall Ultimate Building Set

Titanfall Ultimate Angel City Campaign Building Set Maneuver through the war-torn streets of Angel City in the K’NEX Titanfall Ultimate Angel City Campaign building set! Battle your Titans in the ruined terrain of the city, jump your Pilots between…

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Come Build With K’NEX {Review}

Being a K’NEX Brand Ambassador has its perks, I receive several of the latest and greatest building sets from K’NEX every few months to test and try! K’NEX offers so many different themes and brands for ages three on…

Knex Cosmic Twist

K’NEX Cosmic Twist Coaster

I received several great new K’NEX products to review: K’NEX Cosmic Twist Coaster: Build a spine-tingling space-themed coaster! With over 600 K’NEX pieces and over 19 feet of track, the Cosmic Twist Coaster is sure to thrill advanced builders…