StudyDog: Online Reading Program for Kids StudyDog: Online Reading Program for Kids    

StudyDog: Online Reading Program for Kids #sponsored

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My six year old has started first grade this year and is reading fine but still needs a bit of help when it comes to the larger tougher words. He has reading assignments every night for practice. StudyDog is an online reading program for kids, from pre-school through first grade to help boost your child’s reading comprehension. Since he fits the targeted age range, I signed up for the StudyDog 7 Day Free Trial. Sign up is easy, just enter you name, email and a password. Once in, you can add the child that you would like to enroll and you can start playing right away. Once I got logged in, I was taken to the parent center.

Parent Center:

This is a quick start guide to get you the info you need like accessing account info, viewing your child’s information and study aids.

Study Dog Parent Center


Lesson Center:

A cartoon video short appears with Dr. Z and StudyDog. A troublemaker elf sprinkled Invisopowder on Lost Island and they need help. Your child must collect ingredients for the Lost Island Potion so everything will not be invisible! You need to travel the Island collecting the ingredients by completing the lessons.

StudyDog Video


Lesson 1:

Another cartoon video pops up to let you know what needs to be done for the lesson. With this lesson, rhyming is the game! A word appears and then you need to find the rhyming word to match. The three letter words are spoken and the letters highlighted when pronounced. It is also sounded out slowly and then fast to hear the word in full. Then the Queen proceeds to tell you why, like the long “a” sound or “eg” sound matches. After 3 sets of 9 of rhyming repetitions, you earn points for completing the sets. You are also given extra points the higher you go. Each lesson needs to be completed before you can move on. The only downside is when you click out of a lesson and then you return you have to watch the video again.

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Study Dog Adventure in ReadingStudy Dog Rhyming Game


After you complete the lesson, you are taken back to the main lesson screen to start your next lesson. And a new video and directions let you know what they next mission is. At any point you can go in and view your child’s progress report. There are several different reports like a detailed skills report, reading progress and overall reading performance. These are very beneficial as I like to see how he is performing after the lessons to be able to tell what he needs to work on.

My son played several lessons the past few days and although he is learning, he really doesn’t know it because it seems like a game to him. StudyDog is affordable too, the more months that you pay for the more of a discount you receive. A 12 month subscription is less than $72 dollars a year, when paid in full. You also have the option to go month to month.

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    Sherry Compton
    October 10, 2013 at 8:06 am

    I’m glad this is working for your family. It is great when kids learn in fun ways. Reading is very important and critical. It’s good that there are resources out there to help. I like that you get a free trial, too.

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