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Stonz Wear Booties Review

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Stonz Wear baby booties are designed with a wide opening to slip on easily over bare feet, socks, sleepers, shoes or Linerz. Stonz booties have a durable coated nylon that is water and wind resistant to keep babies feet warm and dry. The booties have two toggles at the calf and ankle for a custom fit and ensuring the booties stay on.

Stonz Wear Booties Review

Stonz Wear Booties Review: I received a pair of Stonz Wear Booties and Linerz in an Olive Digger style for my three-year-old. The booties are a versatile all season bootie that can be worn over shoes, with the Stonz Linerz, as slippers or bare feet. But you do have to limit your time on concrete because it can wear the soft soled bottoms out. As far as sizing, the booties are based on age, not size. The shoe does not need to fit exactly when choosing a size and can be worn with bare feet or over a sock or shoe depending on how cold it is. Stonz Booties are available in sizes newborn to 2.5 years, and in select styles in size XL for 2-3 years. I received an XL size and my son wears a size 10 shoe, which does not fit inside the bootie. But we did receive the Linerz, which are super comfy and warm. The Linerz are made from Sherpa-fleece, which is designed for an extra layer of warmth. The easiest way to put them on is to put the linerz on first then slip the bootie over it. I wish I would have found these sooner!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Stonz Wear offers more than just booties:

  • Larger Size Booties for children 2 to 3 years.
  • Stonz Linerz provides additional warmth with Sherpa-fleece for inside the booties.
  • Stonz Mittz features an “over the arm” design along with 5 layers of warmth for maximum protection and warmth. The toggle system ensures they stay on, just like Stonz booties. Available in sizes newborn to 7-year-olds.
  • Stonz Hatz made with quality fleece in 2 styles – reversible and pointed. Available in sizes up to 5 years.
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