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Spring & Easter Guide 2019

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Ahhh… Spring.

Flowers are blooming; the sun is shining, time to get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air! Our Spring and Easter Guide offers a few new products released just in time for spring and products to stuff those Easter Baskets!

The Review Wire Spring Guide 2018


  • Color Smash

    Slap your way to victory in this test of color coordination and smash the splat with the same color and name to win the deck! The unique, colorful storage “paint can” holds cards for future play. The eye sees one thing while your brain perceives the other. Take turns laying your cards down on the table – remember to pay attention, or they may get stolen! For ages 6 and up.

    Available at Pressman Toy and Amazon. MSRP $6

  • Tony Hawk Box Boarders

    Tony Hawk Box Boarders Super Pack + Action Packs

    Skate, Shoot and Share with the Tony Hawk Box Boarders Super Pack Kidney Bowl with mystery Tony Hawk Figure! Set includes 1 Skate Bowl, 3 Assorted Skateboarders, 1 Mystery Tony Hawk Figure, 4 Trick Ramps, 1 clip-on Fisheye Lens for smartphones and 1 Camera Holder! MSRP $28 Ages 4+. Action Pack Set includes 1 Skater, 1 secret Tony Hawk, 4 mini Trick Ramps and 1 Camera Holder. MSRP $10. Ages 4+

    Download the free Tony Hawk Box Borders Studio phone app to record, edit and share all your favorite trick videos!

    Available at TonyHawkBoxBoarders.com and Amazon.

  • Bunny Hop Preschool Easter Game

    Bunny Hop Preschool Easter Game

    Farmers beware! Bunnies are eating all of the carrots in this happy hoppin' game of colors and memory, Bunny Hop by Educational Insights. Take turns collecting all of the different colored bunnies in this think-fast game of light strategy and fun perfect for Preschoolers!

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $33

  • The Cheerful Chick

    The Cheerful Chick

    Right from the moment Chick is born, she wants to lead the other animals in cheer! Unfortunately, the rest of the barnyard just isn't quiiiite as enthusiastic. Lucky for little Chick she has a whole squad of siblings who are backing her up (even when she doesn't realize it)!

    Available at Scholastic.com. MSRP $18

  • Pimki Pops: The Missing Easter Bunny

    Pimki Pops: The Missing Easter Bunny

    The Pikmi Pops have their own Easter egg hunt -- and it wouldn't be Pikmi Land without a few sweet surprises! This storybook includes scented stickers.

    Available at Scholastic.com. MSRP $5

  • Peppa's Easter Egg Hunt

    Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt

    It's springtime, and Grandpa Pig has set up an Easter egg hunt for Peppa Pig and her friends! Join Peppa, Rebecca Rabbit, and Freddy Fox as they search for delicious chocolate eggs and even see baby chicks hatching in the yard!

    Available at Scholastic.com. MSRP $3.49

  • Mad Moves Dance Game

    Mad Moves

    Get ready to dance as you’ve never danced before! Roll the die to see HOW you’ll be dancing (like a certain person, animal, or action) and spin the spinner to see WHAT you’ll be dancing (ballet, limbo, tap, twist, or dance battle). Combine the two and get groovin’, while everyone else tries to guess what you’re imitating! Ages 8+

    Available at Walmart. MSRP $20.

  • Aqua Diver

    Electronic Aqua Diver

    Toss Aqua Diver into the pool, which starts the timer, and then dive in after it and race to catch it! Hit the button to stop the timer and see how quickly you found it! Try and beat your best time, or see who among your family and friends is the best at the game. Ages 5+

    Available an Amazon. MSRP $15.

  • Orangutwang


    Orangutwang is a fun, suspenseful and wild game! Take turns hanging fruit and jungle friends on the orangutan, but watch out! At some point, he’ll be holding too much and he’ll spring up and send the fruit and friends flying…you just never know when! No batteries required; easy setup. Ages 4+

    Available an Amazon. MSRP $23

  • Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Blower

    Gazillion Bubble Rush Bubble Blower

    This next generation bubble blower machine has a three-section no-spill modular design including a removable washable top, solution recycling tray and batteries and motor sealed inside the base. Simply pour the solution into the reservoir and push the button for a bubble explosion in seconds.

    Available at Gazillion.Funrise and Amazon. MSRP $20

  • Mini Easter Cupcakes from Bake Me A Wish

    Bake Me A Wish Mini Easter Cupcakes

    An Easter Parade of scrumptious little morsels decked to the nines. 6 Chocolate Cupcakes and 6 Vanilla cupcakes adorned with sprinkles and jellybeans on top! Each gift includes an elegant card for you to express your Easter Greetings. Watch my Easter cupcakes video review!

    available at BakeMeAWish.com – Save 15% For April & May! Use Code: SPRINGFLING, expires 5/31/19.

  • Cutetitos Mystery Stuffed Animals

    Cutetitos Mystery Stuffed Animals

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $8

  • Enchantimals Bree Bunny & Twist Doll

    Enchantimals Bree Bunny & Twist Doll

    The Enchantimals are lovable characters who share a special bond with their animal friends. Bree Bunny doll and Twist bunny are always together, and they look alike, too! Bree Bunny doll is designed in 12-inch scale. Bree Bunny doll has enchanting touches that match Twist bunny, portraying their special bond — like bunny ears, a cute tail, and bunny-like facial features.

    Available at Fun.com. MSRP $20

  • Bunny Critter Kids Blanket

    Bunny Critter Kids Blanket

    Your littles will love transforming into their favorite animal alter egos at bedtime, playtime, or anytime! Simply slip the hood over the noggin and nestle hands into the cozy corners – all featuring fun applique designs. Each blanket is a roomy 40″ by 50″ and made of lightweight, super snuggly polyester fleece and features a pom-pom tail.

    Available at Fun.com. MSRP $24

  • Playmobil Tiny Paws Hotel

    Playmobil Tiny Paws Pet Hotel

    Inside the front doors, the staff at the reception desk are ready to welcome your pet. Easily store your pet’s food in the shelves above the desk or in the kitchen, where tasty meals are prepared for all the pet guests. Outside, your furry friend can run around the spacious, fenced-in yard or try out the seesaw. Your feathered companions will also enjoy their perch outside in the fresh air. Use the included stickers to brighten the décor. Ages 3+

    Available at Playmobil.com and Amazon. MSRP $70

  • L.O.L Surprise! Pets

    L.O.L Surprise! Pets

    7 layers of surprise inside include Secret Message Sticker, Sticker Sheet, Water Bottle Charm, Shoes, Outfit, Accessory, Series 1 or Series 2 Doll with water surprise. Feed your L.O.L. Surprise! Pets with the water bottle or bathe her to find out if she cries, spits, tinkles, or color changes! Scoop in the litter box for surprises! Litter box included. The ball becomes a purse carrying case, doll display, or hang out and bath playset.

    Available at Fun.com. MSRP $13

  • Softsoap Decor Collection

    Softsoap Decor Collection

    Take your sink to the next level with all five reimagined bottles of Softsoap Decor Collection including Jasmine & Mint, Wild Basil & Lime, Peony & Plum, Shea & Cocoa Butter, and Orchard & Coconut Milk. Delight your senses with the springtime scents!

    Available at Softsoap and Amazon. MSRP $3

  • Aquaman Blu-ray + DVD + Digital

    Aquaman Blu-ray + DVD + Digital

    An action-packed adventure that spans the vast, visually breathtaking underwater world of the seven seas, “Aquaman” reveals the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry and takes him on the journey of his lifetime—one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be… a king. Check out these 20 Aquaman Gift Ideas.

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $25

  • SmartGames Bunny Peek-a-Boo

    SmartGames Bunny Peek-a-Boo

    This 3D puzzle comes with four big, sturdy wooden blocks, where kids can arrange blocks to match each challenge. Some challenges may look very similar, but the solution can be completely different depending on things like how far the ears of the rabbit stick out. Solve the 60 challenges... or just play with the blocks as wooden toys, exploring concepts like above/below, inside/outside, visible/hidden, etc. Ages 2-5

    Available at SmartGames.com and Amazon. MSRP $30

  • The Bunny Edition of The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

    The Bunny Edition of The Eggmazing Egg Decorator

    Simply place a hard-boiled egg in the center slot atop the four rubber-lined wheels, switch it on, grab one of the 8 included markers, and start coloring. The spinning action makes it easy to make perfect stripes and lines all around the entire egg! No dyes, no smells, just colorful, frustration-free fun!

    Available at Eggmazing.com and Amazon. MSRP $20

  • A Dog's Way Home Blu-ray + DVD + Digital

    A Dog’s Way Home Blu-ray + DVD + Digital

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $20

  • Super Cool Putty

    Super Cool Putty

    Although it feels moist and gooey, there is no residue on small hands and no need to wash them! Choose from seven varieties: Metallic Gold, Cosmic Hyper Bounce, Holographic, Area 51, Glittery DIY, Shooting Star, and Mystery! With Super Cool Glow Putty, choose from three designs: Mystery, Shooting Star, and Area 51. Each pack also includes two lights for charging.

    Available on Amazon. MSRP $7

  • Slime


    Slime is all the rage! One of many slime titles including Unicorn Poop and Glow In The Dark that moves like a liquid but feels like a solid! A set of 3 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Cryptogenic slime kit features T-Rex, Velociraptor, and Indoraptor! Perfect for Easter baskets!

    Available on Amazon. Prices Vary

  • Lovepop Easter Cards

    Lovepop Cards: Pop-up Greeting Cards

    A Lovepop is more than a card. The intricate 3D paper sculptures are designed by naval engineers on cutting-edge software and then handcrafted in the Asian art form of sliceform kirigami. Includes with each Lovepop is a blank envelope, and a little note card that you can write your personal message on that tucks away. Available in religious, Easter and Spring themes.

    Available at LovepopCards.com and Amazon. MSRP $13

  • Playfoam® Pals™ Fantasy Friends

    Playfoam® Pals™ Fantasy Friends

    Each pod of magically-mixed, three-tone sparkle Playfoam® hides an adorable Fantasy Friend to collect. Playfoam® is Educational Insights’ best selling squishy squashy molding compound that never dries out. Collect all 12 Playfoam® Pals™ in each series and try to find the RARE pal! Use the squishy, squashy Playfoam® to sculpt nests, beds, perches, and other play props. 

    Available at Educational Insights and Amazon. MSRP $8

  • Beaker Creatures Series 1 Reactor Pods

    Beaker Creatures Series 1 Reactor Pods

    Within each mysterious Reactor Pod lurks one of 35 Beaker Creatures, tiny alien travelers from five distant planets who’ve come to Earth in search of learning fun. To discover which creature you’ve got, drop the pod into a container of water, watch the colorful bubbling reaction, and extract the creature within!

    Available at Learning Resources and Amazon. MSRP $10/2-pack

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