Spring Cleaning Must Haves + Spring Cleaning Checklist Spring Cleaning Must Haves + Spring Cleaning Checklist    

Spring Cleaning Must-Haves + Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Kimberly Clark Spring Cleaning VivaWell, it’s official… it’s Springtime! The birds are chirping, the sun is shining. Wait… I can clearly see just how dirty the windows are but everything else the sun is beaming on in my house! I guess it is time for the annual spring clean. I am sure there are quite a few of you, like me, who do not like to clean… at all. I mean you would rather hire someone or make your kiddos do a majority of it. I have three boys and the latter would not work as I’m pretty sure the house would be even dirtier than it already is! So….I clean….!

Lucky for you, I was selected to work with Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood to help make this process as painless as possible, oh and getting it all done in a week is just a bonus! The printable I created (see below) has all the tasks for each room. Pick an area a day or go full force and do them all in one day!

Not only did I receive a goodie box full of cleaning supplies (Viva®, Cottonelle® and Scott® products) to get me started, I was also able to head to Walmart to pick out a few more essentials.

Spring Cleaning Goodies


Must-Have Items for the Annual Spring Clean

Spring Cleaning Supplies


Aside from the basics like paper towels, there are a few items that you have to have to properly start this task. Sidenote: I have never used Viva® paper towels before and I will say that both the Viva® Vantage and the Viva® Strong & Soft work like a charm. While both are a Choose-A-Sheet, which I like, the Strong & Soft towels feel more like cloth and made for more delicate surfaces. The Vantage has a bumpy texture more for scrubbing dishes or grimy surfaces. Both great for all the spring cleaning tasks.

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While I was at Walmart, I gathered my basic supplies: scrub brushes, spray cleaner, and carpet spot cleaner, you can’t forget that! I also picked up some items to help that sparkle and shine last: a squeegee for the showers, automatic toilet bowl cleaner, and disinfectant spray.

Personally, when I am on a roll, I like to just keep on trucking and power through or at least, get to as many rooms as I can before the kiddos come home from school. What is your strategy?

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Room by Room Printable:



Do you have any Spring Cleaning Tips you would like to share?


Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kimberly-Clark and The Motherhood. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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    Jerry Marquardt
    April 10, 2016 at 4:31 pm

    I appreciate the tips and pointers on keeping it clean this spring. I enjoyed reading the review.

  2. Avatar
    Michelle Elizondo
    April 12, 2016 at 8:53 pm

    I clean all the time not just spring.

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