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Snugg Review: iPad and iPhone Cases

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snuggphoneDate night on the horizon? Perhaps a night out with your girls are in order or better yet you are heading to the grocery store by yourself! Ok, enough about the wishful thinking!  Maybe your hubs or teen needs a phone holder or wallet in one. No matter the circumstance, you’ll wanna get out Snugg!

The Snugg iPhone Pouch Case

The sides of this case have been reinforced to give a sturdy and supportive hold, while the soft, brown, nubuck fibre interior, keeps your phone “snugg” and free from scratches. There is also a card slot on the back of the case! On the front of the case, there is a tab, debossed with the Snugg icon, this pulls out to pop your iPhone out of the pouch. The tab is on a strong elastic strap that retracts quickly back into place when you release it. The tab is also magnetic so it sticks to the side of the case meaning it always stays in place.

While I love my Otterbox case, I’m getting very frustrated with the case peeling, stretching and the “tabs” falling off. However, the Otterbox protects my phone from little fingers…and hey, yes I drop my phone on hard surfaces at least twice a week and have never broke a screen {now that it’s in the open, I’ll probably end up cracking it!}.  Anyhow, the Snugg iPhone Case is a great alternative if you are leaving the home and not needing to take the diaper bag or your purse.

I’ve been finding myself grabbing the Snugg Pouch Case when I’m heading out without the kids. I quickly take my phone out of the Otterbox and insert my license, credit card and iPhone 4 into the Snugg and I’m on my way! I didn’t realize that the elastic strap was a pull strap that aids getting the phone out of the case. Once I realized that {I was a BLONDE when I was a kid, that’s my excuse!} I haven’t had a problem getting my phone out.

snuggipadcaseiPad4 Pink Snugg Case & Flip Stand

Now I also received an iPad 4 Pink Snugg Case & Flip Stand. Again, while I love the toughness of the Otterbox Defender Series Case for the iPad my Mini Me {she’s 5 now} LOVES to pick at the “tabs”. I don’t know what it is, but, we often find her watching her Baby Looney Tunes on YouTube and pulling on the case. I think it annoys the hell outta my Hubs more than it does me! So I was open to trying the iPad4 Pink Snugg Case & Flip Stand!

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See George, Mini Me’s Elf of the Shelf, brought her an iPad4. Apparently he got a really good deal and just couldn’t pass it up! So while he did save money, he knew he needed to splurge on the case. However, while she LOVES the color of the Snugg Case, I like it too! I love the fact that the stand is built into the case and the automatic wake up/sleep mode. Mini Me got a kick out of it as well!

With the Otterbox case, we end up finding the stand all over the house. Then when she needs the stand, we have to hunt it down. The bright color of the case also helps us locate it, often in the bed! My only concern is that the Snugg isn’t going to protect it like the Otterbox. So if your kids don’t use it, this may be a great option for you! Priced at $34.99 it is a great value.

With the case closed, your iPad 4 is protected on all sides, but you can still use all of its ports and buttons with ease. Open the case and your iPad 4 will automatically wake up; close the cover and it will automatically switch to Sleep mode.

With the cover open, you can alter the viewing angle with two different stand positions: a vertical angle for video chat and movies, and a flatter angle to slightly raise the iPad 4 on your desk. Fold the cover flat around the back of your iPad 4, and the integrated elastic strap becomes a handle – ideal for using FaceTime on the move. There is also a stylus holder loop to the top edge of the case so you can keep your stylus handy.

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