Snapper Rock Review: UV Protection Swimwear For Kids Snapper Rock Review: UV Protection Swimwear For Kids    

Snapper Rock Review: UV Protection Swimwear For Kids

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I recently received some new UV protection swimsuits for my son from Snapper Rock that included a pair of board shorts and a rash top. Snapper Rock swimwear provides an Ultra Violet Protection Factor of 50+ in swimwear for both boys and girls along with baby sunsuits, hats, kaftans, and dresses. These will come in handy especially since our neighborhood pool will be opening soon!

Snapper Rock SwimwearWe picked out these Orange Stripe Board Shorts with bright orange, light blue, and dark gray stripes. They come with a drawstring and two Velcro pockets, with the back having a mesh pocket. Once they arrived, I was curious as to why they didn’t have the mesh lining. I have three boys and have gone through several pairs of swimwear in my day and all have included a lining. After asking about the lining I was told, “In the past they made all of their board shorts with a mesh lining, but received strong feedback from customers that they would prefer the larger sizes to do without the mesh lining as older boys seem to steer toward a more “surfer brand look” as well as what their dads wear which typically does not include mesh lining.”

While my son likes his new swim shorts, I have a feeling they will be worn more as shorts instead of swimwear due to the lack of a lining. I ordered a size larger than what he normally wears and they are a bit lose but they fit nice, he will have plenty of room to grow over the summer!

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I was sent a Rash Guard shirt in graphite to match the shorts. This is their top-selling UV50 Rash Top that blocks 98% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays. This rash guard will not only be used out at the pool but all those hot days out watching his older brothers play baseball. It is made from 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane, giving this top a very smooth and stretchy feeling.

Snapper Rock

What makes the fabric provide sun protection is due to the fabric itself – the denser the weave of the fabric, the more sun protection it offers. Other factors such as color, and whether the fabric is wet or dry also play a part in the sun protection, but all Snapper Rock swimwear whatever the color, wet or dry blocks 98% of all harmful rays. So you can rest assured your children will not be getting a sunburn while wearing Snapper Rock.

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    April 5, 2014 at 7:33 pm

    This is such a great idea, I wish they’d have had these when my kids were younger, sure beats reapplying and reapplying (in covered areas anyway). 50UV is a lot, I’m impressed.

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