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SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review

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Written by Lisa B.

I genuinely feel you have to build a foundation for a plant, so it continues into the summer to produce a solid vegetable or flower. I received this product to help me improve the growth of my seeds. In the first week, my plants double the size! Though this is an average growth rate, I did notice the roots were thicker. I also combined this with a heating pad since it was still cold outside, so that might have sped it up some. (This is something you do to allow the seeds to germinate faster.) It is a steady light that I put on a table, and it was easy to adjust as they grew.

The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review

The Heat

I hate my previous lights because they get so hot. It makes me uncomfortable leaving them on all day, so when I leave the house, I usually unplug them. This is a problem because when the seeds are young, they need lots of hours of sunlight, and I take away lights when I go to work or the store, etc. This light does not get hot. It has large vents to keep it cool in addition to the fact that it is a LED light, so it uses less than half of the Watts! This makes it nice for a garage, small office, home, or a sunroom such as mine.

I used it for 10-16 hours a day, and it was about 40-60 inches away when the seeds were still under the soil… the light will be bright and will make a 4 square foot radius. It gives all the sunlight a plant will need! The whole plant is lit, no shadows!

This new light doesn’t look like a plant light!!

I feel like some of the stuff that I find online makes me feel like I’m piecing things together to make something work. This new bulb gives a sheik look and pulls my planting process up to an elegant level. I feel proud to have it, and I don’t feel it is so “stone age.”

The bulb works in three stages.

  1. When starting with seed, it is recommended that you keep the bulb 40-60 inches away from the seedling.
  2. Once the seeds start to grow, you will need to move the bulb closer to 30-40 inches away. This will prevent leggy plants from trying to reach the sun.
  3. Once the plant blooms, you will need to move it 18-30 inches from the plant. (My plants will not make it to this stage as they will be outside by the time they flower.)

Light Spectrum

I also feel in order to understand the photos; you need to understand a small portion of what the light spectrum does.

There are several different spectral colors.

  • Red promotes photosynthesis
  • Blue promotes chlorophyll within the leaves and stems
  • Yellow and green promote root growth and germination

My Plants

Here is a photo of my seeds. They came up in the average 7-15 days as expected. I usually start them in egg containers and then move them to a bigger pot as I sort them.

The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review - SEEDS

You can see that the peas are really solid.

The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review - PEAS

The root of this one was incredible. Lots of “white” hanging… Grandpa always said, “that is a good sign of a good plant, gotta start with the foundation.”

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You can see in the next picture how thick the stems are. I think the light yellow and green light really did a number on the roots allowing them to be strong and the stems to be thick! I was not afraid to pull them apart as I had in the past when I transplanted them. I knew they were strong enough to take the movement and stress of the process.

The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review - STEMS

I began the Basil and Pepper really early this year. (Actually too early) but once I put the basil and pepper seedlings in the larger pots, they shot right up. You can see in this photo how dark and vibrant the leaves of the pepper are. So healthy. Basil is naturally lighter in color, but you can see the strength in those leaves too.

Peppers                                                                    Basil

The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review - PEPPERS The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review - Basil

My peas are incredible! As you can see, they have taken off since I have planted them. Since this photo was taken, I have lots of flowering plants. I can’t wait to pull those snow peas off the stem and eat them up! The plants this year are stronger than in the past. I did not even feel I needed to tie them up until they were about 3 feet tall. They are so thick, and they just grabbed the pea trellis.

The Review Wire - SGLEDs Grow Light Bulb Review - PEAS GROWING

My cucumbers are doing great too… I am ready to plant those in my garden. They are very stout looking… solid plant and the three leaves are such a great color.

I feel like this growing season is off to a great start!


I was taking photos of my kids outside, and I was catching one shadow after another shadow. The trees were moving, and since it was a sunny day, there was nothing I could do, so the kids’ skin looked blotchy. I HATE to have to Photoshop photos. I was using these photos for a project that I was working on, so that would not do. After seeing the pictures on my computer, I remembered writing this review. I grabbed the light and started outside and went under the tree, where I started setting up for a photoshoot! It worked perfectly! There were NO shadows on or behind my kids! So if you have any photos to take, these lights are wonderful.

Other Light Benefits:

  • Fast, no-tool assembly
  • Environment friendly… it is a 250 Watt but consumes 36 watts
  • Starts seeds using a small amount of space
  • VERY Lightweight – the lite does not weigh down my lamp
  • Stores easily and it doesn’t feel fragile like it will break
  • Non-dimmable
  • Place into any standard size light socket! VERY IMPORTANT to me since I do not have all those special gadgets.
  • Even distribution of LED light and no shadows
  • The light has an optical lens, so the light doesn’t spread, it is distributed evenly

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  1. Tony Platz
    July 31, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    I may try one of these .

  2. Brittany Gilley
    August 1, 2020 at 6:42 am

    I’m not much of a gardener, but I could definitely use one for my photography

  3. Min K
    August 3, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    I don’t think most kids have the patience to start from seed. Something like a young tomato plant is a better choice.

  4. DeeAnn S
    August 12, 2020 at 10:06 am

    I love gardening because it’s so relaxing. My advise to new gardeners is to start small. So many try to grow too much and get frustrated.

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