SensorPEDIC SensorCOOL Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Pillow SensorPEDIC SensorCOOL Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Pillow

SensorPEDIC SensorCOOL Memory Foam and Cooling Gel Pillow #breastcancerawareness

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I was contacted by SensorPEDIC to try out the SensorCOOL queen sized pillow. I have been actually wanting to get a cooling gel pillow for my son. He has always complained that he is super hot in the night when he sleeps. He has two fans, sleeps with just a sheet and in his boxers, so I don’t know how he can still be hot! Once the pillow arrived I wanted to be the one to test it out first. The first thing I noticed was the scent of the pillow, the kids said it smelled like chocolate but I think it smelled like latex or plastic, I did put a pillowcase on it to help. Although the pillow comes with a case on it, I wanted to cover it up until the smell dissipated. When you lay on the pillow, the 6 “holes” on the pillow (see first picture in the group) almost puff air to your face as you move around and put pressure on the pillow. It was more comfortable than my regular pillow. This pillow held my head and neck giving them more support. The first few nights, I had to get use to it just because it was more supportive, but now I do not want to switch back! My son has been testing it for two days and said that he now wants a cool gel mat for his whole bed! Don’t we all!

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SensorPEDIC SensorCOOL

The SensorCOOL Pillow offers therapeutic, pressure-relieving, VENTILATED Sensor-FOAM memory foam that is coupled with an exclusive gel overlay design, plus CleanCOOL fabric and VentAIR euro-gusset technology.

You might be thinking WHAT in the world does all that mean. Well, the ventilated memory foam offers pressure-relieving support and is 5 times more breathable than ordinary memory foams. The gel overlays add increased support and makes for a cooler sleep. CleanCOOL and VentAIR fabric is a cooling and odor-eliminating fabric which offers 360° pillow circulation for a clean and cool night’s sleep.

SensorPEDIC SensorCOOL Pillow

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  • Proceeds from this pillow will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation INC for breast cancer research and can be found at a Dillard’s store near you.

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    amanda whitley
    October 15, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    i have never heard of this before but wow i need one now!! i always wake up sweating no matter what time of year.

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