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Review | Secret of the Wings: A Tinker Bell Disney Fairies Movie

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Secret of the Wings (Four-Disc Combo: Blu-ray 3D/Blu-ray/DVD + Digital Copy)

“The All-New Flitterrific 3D Flick Secret of the Wings, executive produced by Academy Award-winner John Lasseter, follows the adventures of Tinker Bell and friends on their new adventure into the never-before-seen mysterious Winter Woods.  It is in these woods that Tink finds out that she has a sister and discovers other incredible secrets that will change her life forever.”

It’s no surprise {if you’ve been in Mini Me’s room} that she loves her Tinker! She loves Tinker so much that her bedroom furniture was bought because she thought Tinker would love it. When we transitioned from a “baby room” to a BIG GIRL room there was no one she wanted more in her room than Tinker and her friends!

When we were invited to go see the Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove (feel free to read my review!) event in Cincinnati Mini-Me just wanted to know if Tink was going to be there…of course, she was! Her face lit up when she saw her favorite character come to life as she was flyin’ and sprinkling her “fairy dust”! So when I popped in the new Tinker movie and gave her her very own bag of popcorn to enjoy she was super excited.

In Mini Me’s words “I didn’t know Tink had a sister! She has a sister just like me!!!”. She loved the Secrets of the Wings movie! I was excited when I received the movie because it came with a 3D copy. While we have a 3D tv we don’t have ANY 3D movies…so now I guess I’ve gotta go get some glasses!

Anyhow, the movie was so fun for her. While I haven’t sat down to watch it {hello, I’m packing, cleaning, and trying to find a new home to buy…if you’d like to help with any of that just give me a shout!} I did hear quite a few giggles! I did get a chance to catch a few bits and pieces of the movie and will admit the picture quality and colors are very vibrant and gorgeous.

So if your little one is a Tinker fanatic I’d suggest getting the Secrets of the Wings movie. This would make a great stocking stuffer!

Get your little one in on the action and get them pumped to see the movie in the comfort of their own home {with popcorn of course!} with these activities:

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Meet the Fairies

In Disney’s “Secret of the Wings,” Tinker Bell ventures to the mysterious Winter Woods where she discovers she has a sister, Periwinkle—a sparkling new winter fairy! Together they have plenty of fun, as Periwinkle and the other Winter Fairies show Tink all the excitement to be had in wintertime.

If you want to follow in the ‘footprints’ of this adventurous pair and find out how to have your own fun in the snow, look no further. But do remember to wear your mittens!

  • MAKE A SNOWFAIRY – When the snow on the ground is thick or powdery, lie flat on your back with your arms and legs drawn tightly into your body.Then move your arms in and out as if you are flapping your wings. Do the same with your legs! Stand and admire your work. Does the shape you’ve left behind look a bit like a fairy?
  • CATCH SNOWFLAKES ON YOUR TONGUE – Have you ever felt snow on your tongue? Wait until the snow is falling heavily, lift your face to the sky, and stick out your tongue! The frosty snow will make it tingly!
  • HOW TO HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT! – With a grown-up, scoop up a handful of clean, powdery snow and roll it into a ball no bigger than the size of a tennis ball. Then, once it’s rolled, throw it at your opponent! Remember to only do this with snow that is dusty and powdery, and never aim your snowball at anyone’s head! Make sure you wear mittens or gloves to keep your hands warm!
  • GO SLEDDING – With a grown-up, find a gentle slope and position your sled heading downhill. Sit down and hold tight. On the count of three push yourself off! You’ll be whizzing and whirring until you reach the bottom. Don’t worry if you haven’t got a sled, you can use a flat sheet of cardboard! 
  • BUILD A SNOWFAIRY– You may have built a snowman before, but have you ever built a snowfairy? Have a go at making your own winter fairy-like Periwinkle. Layer the snow to build the body, and finally, add another snowy mound for her head.

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