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Review | Yo Gabba Gabba Super Spies DVD #yogabbagabba

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New to video is Yo Gabba Gabba: Super Spies which includes four episodes featuring DJ Lance Rock and the entire gang! Jason Bateman also guest stars as a mean spy in the brand-new season four episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!

The Episodes Include:

Super Spies– When a bad spy named Bateman makes off with the Gabba Land gang’s balloon art, it’s time for a musical spy recovery mission, full of gadgets, robot guards, and great beats.  Jason Bateman guest stars and “Super Music Friends Show” musical guests Peter Bjorn and John perform.

Mystery– Toodee and Plex go searching for Foofa who has disappeared. Toodee finds clues to solve the mystery.  Toodee and Plex find Foofa at the beach and meet her cool brother Foofle. Ladytron performs, Jack McBrayer and Paul Scheer tell a knock-knock joke and Biz Markie is featured in the recurring “Biz’s Beat of the Day” segment.

Space– The Gabba gang goes on a space adventure in a flying saucer. They look through a telescope at the stars and planets.  In space they meet new friends and discover a new planet.  Musical guests Electrocute perform and Mark Mothersbaugh is featured in the recurring “Mark’s Magic Pictures” segment.

Big- Brobee gets frustrated about being the little one, and he wants to know what it’s like to be big like DJ Lance.  He accidentally switches places with DJ Lance and grows big, but Brobee has a hard time being like DJ Lance.  DJ Lance and Brobee switch places again and everything is back to normal in Gabbaland.  Musical guest Jem performs and Mark Mothersbaugh is featured in the recurring “Mark’s Magic Pictures” segment. 

Special Features: Interactive Spy Game

Our Take: When I was first introduced to Yo Gabba a few years ago, it reminded me of the Teletubbies, which my kids didn’t want to have anything to do with. But the more that my son watched Yo Gabba, the more I enjoyed it! The songs are catchy plus I like the different guest stars in the episodes. Yo Gabba is a fun way to get your kids up and dancing!

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